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This year’s art show will be unveiled tonight. I won’t be there. I’ll be watching my son do his thing in Ventura at a track meet. I’ll miss the excitement as the kids search for their piece of art. Pictures will be taken and parents will ask good art questions. These moments will be brief as the families rush off to visit classrooms, buy books at the book faire and grab a grilled hamburger at the bar-b-que. But the children will remember these events.

I’m so proud of the efforts and enthusiasm of my students but I’m even more appreciative of our school community. Here’s how they helped me:

  • Teachers, classroom aids and parents mounted all the artwork
  • The school Principal (I know!), amazing resource specialists, student teachers and anyone with an hour not with a student or in a meeting helped hang all of the art work.
  • Super parent/teacher, Jennifer,  organized it all.

Yup. I’m a very lucky art teacher. None of them may speak to me tomorrow or want anything to do with art ever, ever again, but I know I’m lucky . I love how our community rallies to make these events happen for our children.


Need tips in organizing an art show? Check out my post on Art Show Prep and Asking for Help: Art Show Volunteers 



  1. ANN BOURQUE says:

    wow…it looks amazing! Great job all-around!

  2. Kerry says:

    I love it! Makes me miss the classroom! Excellent work!

  3. Tracy Burton says:

    It looks great! Great job and so glad you have all that support for a big show.

  4. Melissa says:

    Beautiful! Yes, you really are lucky. I’m surviving on 4 hours sleep as I get ready for our show on Tuesday. I would love to do more than I already do for the show but 70 hours is my limit! Fortunately, I have had a few parent helpers here and there. It’s all worth it though.

  5. maribeth says:

    Beautiful! Just wondering, how did you group the artworks? I see names there..are those the teacher’s names? or are they grouped according to artists? Thank you!

  6. I love deep space sparkle and all the good ideas and advice offerred there. Every year for our show, we use the painted murals that the students painted during the year as a backdrop for their work. Weeks before the show, I take out the murals and put them on our long tables and mount the students work on the murals with hot glue. This year’s murals were done from the Eric Carle book “Draw Me A Star”, featuring painted and drawn stars. The murals were a perfect background for the colorful collage work we’ve been doing all year (inspired by MOMA’s program), and I had the work all put together and ready to put up at the wonderful gallery that gives our district space. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  7. Patty says:

    Thank you for your awesome website. It has been such a great source this year!

  8. Sharolyn says:

    Recently in a teachers’ meeting, we discussed the ideas of Charlotte Mason. I realized I had not been showing my 1st-6th grade art students nearly enough quality art for them to digest. I sat down and collected pictures of famous paintings and pictures of my friends’ paintings and shared them with my 1st graders.

    The pieces that got the strongest reaction and the 1st graders unbiased responses can be found by
    following this link-

  9. says:

    Do you just collect the year all year long and then have the art fair at the end? How do you decide what gets up? When do you have the art fair in relation to the school year!?

    • Patty Palmer says:

      Hi Veronica,
      I collect all year long but I only see the kids for 15 weeks out of the year. If you see them for more than 30, then you might want to whittle the saved pieces down. I go through each portfolio and select the pice that I feel is the child’s best work. Sometimes, a child has many great pieces and if that’s the case, I pick a piece that rounds out the art curriculum. The art show happens in late spring.

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