Starry Night Multi-Media Art Lesson

Starry Night Art Lesson

After ten years of teaching art and creating my own lesson plans, I have finally settled on a Starry Night Art Lesson. This lesson combines so many art techniques: double-loading, experimenting with color value, expressive painting, collage and composition as well as color theory. Hard to ask for anything more!

This was one of my third grade students last projects of the year and my only regret was that the paintings didn’t have time to adorn any wall space. And the paintings were certainly wall-worthy. What was so impressive was that every child produced a piece of art that was not only individual to them but something they were all very proud of.


Taking only two, 45-minute art classes, my third graders (you can stretch it to three if you need to) worked quietly and diligently on their paintings. At one point during the working time, the classroom teacher and I looked at each other shocked that the art room was utterly quiet. This doesn’t happen often!

Part of the allure was that I played this beautiful video of Starry Night. The music and graphics were transformative for the students. There is an Ipad application available if your school blocks Vimeo (many do).

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  1. Kathleen Machado says:

    I am such a fan of yours Patty, This is amazing!

  2. Jennie Williams says:

    Thanks for sharing the great video. I’ll add that to my Starry NIght lesson this year. We discuss the poster and its up in my room and kids love this work. It fits in with science curriculum too (though not based on real stars) and inspires kids to look up at the night sky.

    • Anath says:

      Actually I read that they were able to tell exactly where he painted this because they pinpointed where the stars were in the sky. He painted what he saw in the night sky.

  3. Linda Richey says:

    You are one amazing art teacher! I love all your stuff. Thanks for inspiring me!

  4. KM says:

    Love this video!

  5. Alexsa Gonzalez says:

    I agree with Kathleen and Linda~ You are an AMAZING art teacher! Everything you have available through your site has really encouraged and helped me as I have begun my career as an art teacher- you have been the *mentor* I did not have at the university/internships! Thank you so much for all that you do! I trust that this year will be an explosion of new, fresh creative ideas for you and your students!

  6. Mrs.C says:

    Purchased this lesson from Teachers Pay Teachers with my tpt points. It is the first one I have ever purchased from you. It is beautifully organized and detailed! I love Van Gogh and couldn’t resist! The time , effort and love you put into developing the lesson and all the components that go with it shows in all the details ! For any one thinking about purchasing this lesson you will not be disappointed! Great job Patty! :)

  7. Ada Flores says:

    I love, love, love this class. I just started working as a art teacher and this lesson is going to be one of my in January.
    God bless your talent.

  8. I do art with children at risk outside the country. I can’t wait to share this video when presenting a lesson. The children usually have not had an opportunity to do any art, much less see an art piece come to life. Thank you sooo much, and God bless you as you share the wonders of art.

  9. jen says:

    Hi Patty!
    I’m a docent at LTES PTA with Kimm Lytle! I am checking to see if we’ve already purchased this class, but in the mean time I’m wondering if it could be done in one lesson… We’ve got our art walk coming & I’d love this to be on the walls, but don’t think we’ve time for 2 sessions…. Thank you so much for your wonderful program & ideas!!

    • Patty Palmer says:

      Hi Jen,
      I’m not sure if Kimm purchased Starry Night as she went through my TpT store and they don’t have a way for me to see what customers purchased. You’ll have to check with her. Your second question, I can help you with: If you have at least 60 minutes, then you could do this lesson. It actually takes time to create individual brush strokes (especially for kids) so if your time is less than this, I would break up the project into two. Another element that takes some time is constructing the paper houses. You could bypass this step by drawing houses with oil pastel.
      Hope this helps.

      • jen says:

        Thank you so much! I believe our teacher would allow 60 minutes- maybe even a bit more! I will check with Kimm & if she doesn’t have it I think I can cover the cost ;)
        I appreciate your feedback! It helps a ton!

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