Watercolor & Paper Bouquets

Watercolor & Paper Bouquet: Perfect Valentine’s Day art and craft project for kids

Here is a simple art lesson that combines a watercolor and oil pastel resist with creating shapes with paper and scissors. We created these bouquets in January so colors veered towards that lovely February holiday. The students used regular sulphite paper instead of watercolor paper since there was very little blending or advanced watercolor skills involved in the project, so using my limited stash of watercolor paper wasn’t necessary.

Watercolor & Paper Bouquet: Perfect Valentine’s Day art and craft project for kids

What you do need is watercolor paint. For fast application, you can’t beat liquid watercolors. I showed a few vase sample son the white board so the kids drew a vase first with oil pastel. Then they added a table line and finally a few stems for the flowers that would be added in the next step.

When you are applying watercolor to sulphite paper, you will notice that the paint will soak into the paper. To avoid using too much paint, tell the children what will happen so they understand not to keep applying paint over paint. It will dry lighter but it will look nice.

Watercolor & Paper Bouquet: Perfect Valentine’s Day art and craft project for kids

I bought some printed scrapbook paper at a craft store and felt that this was a good opportunity to use it. I don’t like making pre-printed materials the star of any art project, but the truth is, the kids loved being able to select their colors.

I asked the kids to make 2-3 centers first, glue the middle of the centers to the paper and then start adding petals.

As the children worked, I sat with each table and encouraged a variety of shaped petals. Oil pastels were set on the table so that children could add details.

This lesson requires about three, 45-minute art sessions.

 Fifth Grade Bouquets….

Watercolor & Paper Bouquet: Perfect Valentine’s Day art and craft project for kids


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  1. adayinthelife531@gmail.com says:

    Last weekend my 3rd grade daughter did a bird (from a literature lesson) in scrapbook paper. She loves cutting and creating. I like the mix of painting and paper here.

  2. bettertogive123@yahoo.com says:

    I have found a lovely local picture framing shop owner who gives me off cuts of sturdy card- mat board for free! I have had students do a similar collage using fabric ( and pre-cut fabric) petal shapes on the mat board since I receive many fabric donations.

  3. christine.chobirko@yahoo.com says:

    Dear Patty,
    I have started using oil pastels with my pre k class and really like them. We have a couple of sets I got from Michaels and they should last a while except for black since we use it quite a bit in other projects. Is there a source where I can get just black?

  4. Linda Holomah says:

    Enasco.com also has a box of 12 black oil pastels for just $2.30.
    I’m going to do the case and flower project with 2 2nd graders. I have an assortment of printed paper and I made glitter paper using construction paper and glitter glue! The kids LOVE anything that glitters! Thanks for the great art project.

    • Mary says:

      I am trying this lesson with Kindergarten children! We sketched the vase, table and stems in the first session to get an idea of what we we doing.

  5. I Sara says:

    I did the bouquet lesson with first grade. We loved it! Found out that if you use paint chip paper for the flower petals they curl up. Beautiful accident!

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