the secret benefits of make-up art days art made easy 151

The Secret Benefits of Make-Up Art Days: AME 151



As art teachers we have BIG goals for our art programs. Extensive year-long themes and curriculums require many class sessions to complete. And the more classes a project requires, the more likely it is that kids will fall behind. And that means a portfolio of unfinished work.

One of the most effective ways to tackle unfinished work is to schedule a make-up art day for your students. Not only are they helpful in building the confidence level of your young artists but they’ll have more finished art to choose from for your annual art show. It’s a win-win!

Why you should schedule a Make-up day:

1. Students can select which project means the most to them

2. Students feel a sense of accomplishment

3. Portfolios reflect the full body of work the student has created

4. More projects to select from for the art show


1. Set up your space to reflect how students will move through their projects.

2. Pull our portfolios and lay on table

3. Determine the projects that have the most unfinished work

4. Set up individual tables with the supplies to work on those projects

5. Allow children to move from table to table



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  • David

    I’m in my second year of teaching art and this is something I started to implement this year. It has changed the work ethic in my classroom, especially for my older (4th and 5th grade) students! I scheduled a make-up art day twice a quarter this year and knowing they will have a chance to finish has prevented my students from trying to rush through a project and “scribble” just for the sake of covering the paper.
    If we get to a make-up day and I have a student or two who don’t have any projects to make-up, I give them a “creative freedom” day. This is an opportunity for the student to create an original piece of art from their own imagination, outside of my instruction (their piece is also put into consideration for our end of the year art show).
    This has worked so well for my students and I highly encourage others to do this, with you! 🙂


    • Hannah

      Yes Nicole!! It works wonders for all students no matter what stage they are in with their portfolios. “Creative Freedom” day in the best!!

      Thank you for sharing 💖

      -Hannah (Team Sparkle)

  • Amy Hawkins

    Last night on Facebook I shared with you how excited I was to share the Draw Along videos with my class. I assigned the Dancing Cow video. Did I do something wrong? Am I not allowed to share the videos? I am so confused. I watched the video last night, the video worked during the day yesterday, but this morning it is saying it’s private and we may not view it. I thought this was something you were doing to help us all deal with this Covid-19 Distance Learning new norm. I sincerely apologize if I infringed on your copyrights.

    • Patty Palmer

      Hi Amy!
      Sharing the video link was absolutely fine. I created this entire series plus dozens more of 100% free resources for families, teachers and parents. But some of them time out. I’ll continue to go live every Tuesday and Thursday until middle of May and then it’ll be time to hang up my free draw along hat. For anyone who is interested, I’m creating a membership for families to create more art with me. We’ll be posting information soon.
      Thanks so much for joining with the live events. Make sure to join us live as the replays will not be on the site for long 🙂

  • Frances Baldwin

    Coaching and insightful tips are always the best from you Patty! Many thanks again for the expertise and shared experiences.

  • Florence James

    Your art lessons are great! Thank you Patty.

  • Amanda Van der Merwe

    Thank you for such comprehensive help! Sometimes work and deadlines are so overwhelming that pupils and teacher alike often feel like they are drowning! Having someone I’d like mind halt the process and provide an alternative option is beyond relieving and most refreshing.
    Thank you AGAIN!🙋‍♀️

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