Your World Art Curriculum | How to Make a Student Passport

Designing an art curriculum is the ultimate goal of an art educator. By selecting or creating lesson plans that fit your students needs, you are creating not just a schematic system to teach art, but creating a strong connection with your students.

In this article, I’m sharing bits of Deep Space Sparkle’s brand new curriculum, Global Art Passport, as well as instructions on how to make a very cool passport or travel journal for your students to create.

Your world art curriculum how to make a student passport in the classroom with students

About our World Art Curriculum

Here at Deep Space Sparkle, we’ve been hard at work creating another curriculum that art teachers can use in their art programs. This year we want to offer our members a chance to take their students on a journey around the world.

No doubt you have already explored art lessons that focus on geography or cultures. And for good reason: when children learn about cultures, they begin to understand their own significance in this big home we call Earth.

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We designed our Global Passport Curriculum (GAP) to focus on a collection of geographical areas and cultures, not individual countries or continents. But when designing your curriculum, you can choose to focus on individual countries, continents or regions. The choice is yours.

Part of the experience you are creating with your curriculum is inviting children on a journey. And with any journey, passports are required!

How to Make a Student Travel Journal or Passport

As students travel the globe, a passport or travel journal can serve as a place to record their adventures in art. Start off the year with this passport as the first project in art class. As you walk through your own countries or geographical areas, students can use the passport/journal to record information all year long.

Tip! Scroll down to download a freebie pack of global art stickers and layout templates…

How to make a student passport Deep Space Sparkle

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 6.5″ x 10″ colored cardstock or 80 lb sulphite paper

– 12″ x 18″ white sulphite paper

– 3″ x 4″ white sulphite paper

– Brown paper bag or kraft paper

– Scrap white and colored paper

– Scissors & glue

– Coloring tools | markers, crayons or colored pencils

Step 1: Making the Cover

Precut a variety of card stock colors to 6.5″ x 10″ (one per student). Select a passport cover color of your choice and FOLD it in half.

Add a fun detail to your passport by giving it handles so that it looks like both a passport and a travel suitcase. I couldn’t resist using glitter paper to make my handles. And why not? Encourage your students to design their dream journal!

Your world art curriculum how to make a student passport in the classroom with students

For the handles, draw a large “U” SHAPE with a small “U” shape inside. Cut out the handles and glue an handle to each side of the passport cover.

Step 2: Creating the Folded Paper

Fold one piece of 12″ x 18″ white paper in half the long way. Leave the paper folded and fold it again from the side. Open just the previous fold and fold each side in so that the sides meet the centerfold.

Set the folded paper on your table so that it creates a “W” shape with the open edge towards you and the folded edge away from you.

TIP: If your paper does not make a “W” shape, simply bend the folds the right direction so that it does.

Apply glue to the back of the furthest right panel. Stick the glued panel to the inside back cover of the passport. The pages should be able to fold back up and also open all the way to reveal a full page.

Your world art curriculum how to make a student passport in the classroom with students

Now that you have the bones of you travel journal, let the fun begin!

Download this packet, print out the idea sheets and use sample page layouts and “stickers” to decorate your passport.

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Step 3: How to Use the Passport

Whenever you can create multiple learning opportunities for your students, the chance for them to retain the information grows. In our GAP Curriculum, we suggest using the passport as a way for students to reflect on the art projects within the different regions.

We suggest that the inside cover be used to record personal data: students portrait, name and country of residence, signature, etc.

They can choose from a variety of journal layout options, sticker drawing prompts, and fact sheets to create a unique journal.

On the reverse side of the pages, we created an opportunity for children to learn how to draw a world map. This adds in the additional component of geographical awareness.

Note: Members have access to the FULL Passport Instructional Packet that includes printable stickers, drawing prompts, journal ideas, world map drawing instructions, stickers to color, full set of art standards, vocabulary words, and students assessment rubrics.

Your world art curriculum how to make a student passport in the classroom with students pdf

Watch this video to see how Patty makes the travel journal and how to use the inside pages…

I literally can’t wait to share out Global Art Passport Curriculum with members of The Sparklers Club. If you’re a member, you’ll have access on Thursday, July 15th.
Not a member? You can join the Sparklers Club and get full access to this curriculum on August 8th!

If you’re not a member, no worries. Follow me on the Deep Space Sparkle Facebook Page and on Instagram to see how you can gain access to not only the GAP Curriculum but our Art History Curriculum as well as our EPIC Curriculum (Elements, Principles, Integration, Curriculum)

Or jump right on our notification list for enrollment to The Sparklers Club in August HERE.

Helpful Note about Avoiding Cultural Appropriation

I posted about the importance of focusing on Cultural Appreciation and not falling into Cultural Appropriation here. It’s worth a read to ensure you are designing the best experience for your students.

I’d love to hear your ideas on how you created a world art curriculum. Or if you have any questions, I’m happy to help!

GAP Blog gap curriculum making passports with students

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  • Betty Lindquist

    I can’t wait….decorating my art room in a globe theme!

  • Brian

    I love this idea! I have been wanting to design a curriculum with art movements/periods in a timeline but bring it altogether somehow to make it meaningful and I think a passport (traveling the world) idea could help tremendously!

    • Dawn Swansbrough

      Love the “GAP” idea; can’t wait to see the rest of it! I did a “Art around the World” theme years ago and while it was successful, I know the GAP curriculum will take it further and make the lesson planning so much easier fir me! Thank you DSS Team!

  • Linda

    After teaching kindergarten for many years, this year I get to teach art to the entire school! I’ve signed up for the Creative Juices course and have found it so valuable, that I’m ready to spend the money to become a Sparkler if possible! Thank you for these wonderful and exciting projects, they are always a hit in the classroom!

  • Shelia Chapin

    I am so excited to use the GAP curriculum this year. I love to travel and I want to instill that love in my students. I know this will be a fun filled curriculum. Thank you Patty and team Sparkle for going above and beyond my expectations for my membership. You always amaze me with more fun lessons and ideas.


    It is really good!

  • Nancy Meyer

    I am a retired art teacher and after reading about GAP, I wished that this program had been available when I was teaching art!
    ❤️ all of the wonderful ideas Deep Space Sparkle provides to Art Teachers!

  • Nancy Meyer

    I am a retired art teacher and after reading about GAP, I wished that this program had been available when I was teaching art!
    ❤️ all of the wonderful ideas Deep Space Sparkle provides to Art Teachers!

  • Florence Decurgez

    Seeing you explained this live, was very helpful. I think this has LOTS of great possibilities. 🙂

  • Wanda

    Great idea for travel

  • Felicia Watkins

    I got up early! Excited about Global Art Passport curriculum. Thank you!!!❤️

    • Bethany

      Hi Felicia! We are just as excited as you 🎉. Enjoy

  • Carolyn Sigurdson

    Hello which grade do you suggest this for?

    • Patty

      Grades 3-7 would be perfect!

  • Katherine Walton

    Thanks Patty for the video. It helps me to see the steps needed for my students.

  • merrydraws

    The Principal of the school I work at loves these types of themes. Both of us can’t wait to get started.

  • JJ Aalto

    Patty-Thank you so much for your piece on Cultural Appropriation. It means a great deal to me that we (teachers of all sorts) reflect our who are children are and at the same time introduce content that may be new to some, but not all learners. Creating relationship is key. I’m proud to be one of your Sparklers from the beginning. Be well & Stay safe.

  • Sandy

    I will love doing this activity

  • Janice Testagrossa

    Thanks. This is fantastic. I am a new Art teacher K-8. This will be invaluable.

  • Moira Kelly-Bucher

    Hi there
    I am not a member yet but follow you and all your wonderful projects!
    I only teach art to my grade 3 class which has a global focus in our Social Studies curriculum- Peru, India, Ukraine and Tunisia.
    Might you offer the Global Art Passport Curriculum with new memberships to your Sparklers Club again? Or might I purchase this curriculum?
    Fingers crossed as I love the Global Art Passport Curriculum you have created and would love to include your ideas in my grade 3 Art/Social Studies this year.

  • rose ross

    In really like all then project ideas. But never did get the postal code issue corrected!

    • Patty

      Like I mentioned before, please contact support@deepspacesparkle.com. We don’t require a postal code so we can help.

  • Seema Shahzad

    I was so excited to find this lesson but could not download .

  • Claudette Yutkins

    Love DSS

  • Rhonda Wiens

    Would I be able to get a copy of instructions for drawing the map of the world? Or do I need to buy the whole package?

    • Patty

      Hi Rhonda. WE don’t have drawing instructions for the map but we do have a poster printout inside the GAP curriculum. Are you a member of the Sparklers Club?

  • rwiens51

    I would love to purchase the art passport bundle! Do I have to buy a membership first? I need more inspiration than just browsing the net for my travels to Europe with my students. Thanks for your help!

    • Bethany

      Hi! The Global Art Passport Curriculum bundles are only available inside The Sparklers’ Club. The Sparklers’ Club is an affordable and flexible pay-as-you-go monthly membership—perfect for anyone who teaches art to students aged K-7. To join the Sparklers’ Club waitlist and learn more about The Sparklers’ Club and our next enrollment click here: https://deepspacesparkle.lpages.co/the-sparklers-club-waitlist/.
      We would love to welcome you into The Sparklers’ Club.

  • Lien

    is this curriculum still offered for club members?

    • Bethany

      Hi Lien! We are so happy that you found us. This Curriculum is only available inside The Sparklers’ Club Membership. The Sparklers’ Club is an affordable and flexible pay as you go monthly membership—perfect for anyone who teaches art to students aged K-7. To join the Sparklers’ Club waitlist and learn more about The Sparklers’ Club click here: https://deepspacesparkle.lpages.co/the-sparklers-club-waitlist/

  • Mary Smith

    LOVE IT!!!

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