Art Made Easy Episode #002: How to throw a Paint Party & Overcoming Obstacles with Texas Art & Soul Owner, Heidi Easley

Steps to Hosting Painting Parties and Overcoming Obstacles with Heidi Easley: AME 002



Art Made Easy Episode #002: How to throw a Paint Party & Overcoming Obstacles with Texas Art & Soul Owner, Heidi Easley

Today on the podcast, I interview Heidi Easley, owner of Texas Art & Soul. Not only is Heidi a part-time K-5 art teacher but she runs a thriving paint party business in Dallas, Texas. Heidi is going to walk you through the process of hosting your own painting party, whether you host a small event with family and friends or for a large group.

I’m so inspired by Heidi’s entrepreneurial spirit and her ability to make it work no matter what the obstacle. And this is the part of her story that is really impactful; how she went from losing everything to creating and living the life she has always dreamed about.

Her story is so inspiring.

This episode is for anyone who would like to learn more about hosting painting parties, how to start a business with zero budget and for anyone feeling like they are at a dead end. Let Heidi inspire you!



– How to bounce back from bankruptcy

– The value of family support to foster new business ideas

– The importance of patience and never giving up

– Being open about considering new opportunities

– The healing power of art and the real value of painting parties

– How Heidi provides art assessment for her students

– Heidi’s advice on how to start your own Paint Party Business

– The best place to buy easels, acrylics and brushes

– How Heidi handles the variety of painting personalities she encounters

– How Heidi stays positive and maintains a fresh mindset



Texas Art & Soul

Heidi’s Artist Series The Accidental Artist

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

Jerry’s Artarama

Blick Acrylic Paints

Cassie Stephens (Art Teacher from Tennessee)

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How to Organize a Painting Party & Overcoming Obstacles with Heidi Easley; Art Made Easy Podcast by Deep Space Sparkle

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  • Connie

    Hi Heidi, Just listened to your podcast and enjoyed it so much. I am also getting ready to have a “Painting Party” in the spring this year. I bought your book “How to have a Panting Party” and I am so excited to get one started. I have never taught an art class, but I have such an desire to do something I enjoy doing. I love art and have taken lessons in fine art and now learning to play and enjoy this journey of having fun and helping other people; whether adults or kids to enjoy and playing with creativity that we all have.

    Thanks for your inspiration.

    • Patty Palmer

      Thanks so much Connie. You may want to also email Heidi directly through her site Texas Art & Soul. I know she’d love to hear how your party goes!

    • Heidi Easley

      Hey Connie!
      I just found these comments so I’m sorry this is so late! LOL! Yes, how are your parties going! I’d love to hear! Just email me at heidi.easley@yahoo.com
      Thanks for listening!

  • jaimie luna

    I enjoyed this podcast so very much! I could relate to Heidi in so many ways and she really inspired me to overcome my fears and just step out in faith! “God has his timing” and I really feel like it’s my time to start doing what I really feel I am called to do, which is to create Art and inspire others to do the same! I love that she mentioned the healing power of Art and how it can transform a person’s life! I love it!!!!! I really needed to hear this message today! Thank you again for sharing! It was great inspiration for an art teacher like me that is seeking to step out of the box and into my own creative journey!
    Thank you!
    Jaimie Luna:)

    • Patty Palmer

      So happy you enjoyed the episode. Sounds like it was just the thing you needed to hear to do what you are meant to do! Thanks for sharing.

    • Heidi Easley

      Jamie! Yes, art can TOTALLY transform you and others lives! Excited for your art journey!

  • Lucy Jennings

    Yesterday it just popped into my head to create some kind of artmaking party, and this morning I found your podcast! Painting parties sound like so much fun! I’d heard of them, but wasn’t sure if I’d like to paint and drink wine at the same time. 🙂 You gave me lots of ideas on how to organize it all.

    I love your podcast and am going back to hear them all. One more thing Deep Space Sparkle does to bring art into our world!

    • Heidi Easley

      You can totally do the parties with no wine. 🙂 I have tons that are at church events, etc… The wine ones are fun too, but it doesn’t have to be! Let me know how they go! I’d love to hear! heidi.easley@yahoo.com

  • Anna M Lewis

    This was fabulous! Very inspiring, relevant and informative! Thanks for all the info and inspiration! Anna Lewis, retired Art Teacher

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