Collection of Winter Art Projects

I so enjoy the mornings when I get to peruse my favorite art ed blogs and search for lesson inspiration. I found a bunch of fantastic winter-themed art lessons that I have saved via my Pinterest boards or on Evernote. Here is a collection of winter art lessons from some wonderful art ed bloggers.

1,2, and 3 winter art

1. Collage Snowmen from Point Pleasant Elementary

If you are looking for a multi-step lesson that involves all matters of wintery goodness, this adorable Winter Paper collage is perfect. This lesson is from an Artsonia school member but no lesson plan was included. Still, I can see the steps in all the layers.

2. Les Inuits et le Grand Nord from Pinceau Mousse

This detailed Inuit Art project features paper collage and cultural relevance. The tutorial is in french, but you can probably translate it.

3. Winter Silhouette from Apex Art

I’ve tried silhouettes on painted paper before and never had much success. This Winter Silhouette lesson seems to have the wrinkles ironed out.

4,5, and 6 winter art

4. Winter Castles from Belvedere Elementary (Artsonia)

I’ve done so many castles over the years and it has never once occurred to me to switch landscapes from summer to winter. I absolutely love these Winter Castles. I’m not sure exactly how the art was done. It looks like the background was painted first using tints and shades, then a castle drawing cut out and pasted onto the background and finally some trees. I love the results and all of the techniques involved.

5. Multi-color Winter Sky from Kids Love Art (Artsonia)

Equally as stunning in my opinion are these lovely Multi-Color Winter Sky paintings. Aren’t they beautiful? Again, I’m not exactly sure of the steps but I love all the details.

6. Winter Birch Trees from Art Projects for Kids

Kathy at Art project for Kids always has a lesson for every season and every need. These Winter Birch Trees are simple, yet beautiful. And the best part? Kathy gives great instructions!

8. Clay Polar Bears from That Artist Woman

My all-time favorite winter lesson is this Clay Polar Bear from That Artist Woman. Gail gives great directions and the results from her third grade students give confidence that the instructions are very good.

9. Recycled Snowflake from Thomas Elementary Art

Looking for a recycled winter art project? This art lesson uses CD’s to create pretty, sparkly Recycled Snowflakes!

10. Watercolor Elf from Artsonia

I saw this adorable watercolor elf (1) on Pinterest and it was originally sourced through Artsonia. Again, no tutorial but I have to say that this might be the cutest elf ever!

I hope you enjoy these lessons from our blogger friends…if anyone can elaborate on some of the steps or directions, feel free to add these steps in the comment section.

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  • Maryanne

    Dangerous! Tried cutting up the cd’s for the sparkly snowflake and you end up with sharp, glass like shards. NOT suitable for children.

    • Patty Palmer

      The teacher gives instructions on safe manipulation of the CD’s. You can visit her site and read the instructions.

    • Zach Stoller

      I’m the teacher who wrote the lesson for the recycled CD snowflakes. I can tell you from doing it for the past three years that is completely safe for my 4th grade students. My students love the project. I make sure they are aware they are using semi-sharp pieces of plastic and they use the materials in a safe manner.

      Also, I’m a guy! I know I’m in the minority!
      Thomas Elementary Art

      • Patty Palmer

        Thanks Zach! I’m glad you added this. By 4th grade kids usually can handle materials with care. And good to know the author of your blog. Love the site!

        • Zach

          Thanks, too for the post here!

  • Mary

    I love the multi-colored winter sky paintings! I may have to give this a whirl!

  • Eleanor goff

    How exciting to see my school’s artwork being highlighted on your site! You are correct about the process we used. We looked at ice castles from Quebec and then tried building real ice castles with shapes that I froze ahead of time- not an easy thing to do. The finished castle was laminated to give it an icey look and then we added dimensional snow to finish them. The snow is made by mixing one part glue to one part shaving cream. The kids loved it! Thanks so much for making my day. I have enjoyed your site and frequently come to it for ideas.

  • Jennifer

    I would like to know how the background was done in the winter silhouette. What kind of paint was used>

    • Patty Palmer

      Hi Jennifer,
      If you click on the links, you will be directed to the site where I pulled the lesson. It looks like watercolor paint though.

      • Jenn MG

        Hey Patty,
        I tried to check the website out but it didn’t exist when I tried to follow the links. Is there an alternate website I can try?

        • Patty Palmer

          Are you sure you are clicking on the right link? Winter Silhouette #4? Works for me.

          • Bonnie

            I had the same problem with the ‘Winter Sihouette’. Can’t find the lesson plan.

  • Suzanne

    Same problem here – I can see the student works, but there is not a lesson 🙁

    • Patty Palmer

      Oh, I understand what you guys are referring to…I thought you weren’t able to access the link. Go onto to the art site (Apex Art) and ask the blogger your questions. Since it was her lesson, she is the best one to answer the questions. I’m sure she would love the support!
      I wanted to promote other blog’s works but I can’t always control the links (sometimes bloggers change them) and whether or not they give detailed tutorials. But if you have the link to the blogger, then you can ask questions directly to them.
      Hope this helps.

  • allyson


    Were you able to get directions to the Winter Tree Silhouette #5? It is such a striking painting! What type of paint do you think was used for #5?

    Thanks so much,


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