christmas flamingo santa art project for kids

Christmas Flamingo Santa

Do you celebrate Christmas under a palm tree? Or perhaps on a beach? For this Canadian born gal, it took a good long time to get used to walks on the beach on Christmas Day. But after 27 years in sunny California, I’m happy to declare my holidays are warm, sunny and even a bit sandy.

For all the tropical and southern hemisphere Holiday teachers, here’s a twist on a seasonal art project for your students. Our Christmas Flamingo features a sparkly Santa hat and a warm, breezy ocean.

Follow along with me, step-by-step in my full YouTube tutorial video…

What You’ll Need:

  • 12” x 18” blue sulphite paper
  • 12” x 18” pink sulphite paper
  • Liquid tempera paints (brown, white, blue and green)
  • Black crayon or oil pastel
  • Scrap of red and white paper.
  • Tissue paper (pink, red and white)
  • Paintbrush, glue and scissors
  • * White coffee filters if you don’t have white tissue paper
  • * Sequins. Totally not necessary. I just couldn’t help it.
white line

Download the November monthly drawing guide by clicking on the image below.

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Painting the Background

Start this project with the background so that it will have time to dry before adding the flamingo. 

flamingo santa painting seasonal project

Dip a brush into the white paint and dab clouds over the colored paper. 

making a flamingo santa painting craft for kids

Without cleaning the brush, dip into blue and green paint and paint a horizontal line just below the clouds.

Fill about 1/2 the paper with the blue ocean.

Encourage kids to paint right off the edge of the paper.

flamingo santa brown paint to create sand project for kids

Wipe brush on placemat to clean. Dip paint in brown and paint the bottom ⅓ of the paper with the brown paint to create sand.

Clean brush in water and dab on a paper towel to dry. 

flamingo santa dip white paint to add waves project to kids

Dip into white paint again and add some splashes for waves. The paint might get mixed with the blue paint, but that’s great!

Set aside to dry.

Drawing the Flamingo

flamingo santa download drawing guide project for kids

Download the step-by-step How to Draw a Flamingo guide by clicking on the November Freebie Link below or watch the drawing steps in the video.

On a sheet of pink paper, draw the flamingo with a crayon. You can also use white paper and paint the flamingo. Option is yours!

make a flamingo santa black pastel draw circle project for kids

Cut out flamingo, turn over so the crayon side is on the back. Cut out a beak. Color in the tip of the beak with black pastel and draw a circle for the eye.

Glue flamingo to the background and the beak to the flamingo.

Now you’re ready for the hat.

Making the Santa Hat

Place the red paper near the top of the flamingo head. Make a mark with a crayon to indicate how wide the head is. Draw a hat using the measurements made on the paper. Children can create a traditional red Santa’s hat or create their own version. 

flamingo santa cut out hat and glue kids art

Cut out hat shape and glue on flamingo.

flamingo santa white tissue paper kids art

Use white tissue paper or a coffee flitter to rip and scrunch the furry trim. Glue the areas on the hat first and then stick the crumpled up balls of tissue paper on the hat.

flamingo santa optional step adding glitter sequins kids art

This next step is optional but rather fun: adding glitter or sequins. I opted to dot the hat with glue and drop sequins on. The biggest benefit of this activity is NOT the bling, but the repetitive action of carefully placing a tiny sequin on the glue. Kids LOVE this and will keep them working quietly for a good 4 ½ minutes. 

And we all can use 4 ½ minutes of quiet.

Another option is featured in the video…watch the very end to see a few extra details I added.

I can’t wait to see what your students have done!

What is your favorite part of this project?

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christmas flamingo santa kids art project craft for holidays

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