Cool and Warm Modern Landscapes in Chalk


This is an easy lesson to do with any grade level. I introduced this to third graders who seem to really grasp the chalk techniques.


– Black oil pastel
– Black paper

Starting with a black oil pastel and a piece of black paper, I had the children draw rolling hills, rounded mountains and finally, a sun/moon with concentric circles.

I encouraged the children to press hard with their oil pastels. Next, I brought out boxes of chalk pastels. Because the chalk was new, the colors were already divided into warm and cool colors. Easy! But if you have a hodge podge of colors, review what makes a cool color and what makes a warm color.

Now the kids have a choice. They can either color the mountains with warm or cool colors and then the opposite with the sky. Cool colors turn the sky into a night sky, warm colors turn it into a daytime sky.
Finally, the last and most important step, trace over the oil pastel lines again with the black oil pastel. If you have time, add white highlights with white chalk.


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  • Lucy Ames

    Hi again,
    this looks like a great follow-up to the more structured chalk pastel landscapes I have my 3rd graders do of the 4 regions of California. Thanks. Just a practical question…. do you use spray fixative (or hair spray) on all their chalk pastel work? I usually do if I put something on display, but if the art is going into the portfolios, I just have them put it in newspaper. I guess I'm looking for a short cut — or at least another art teacher who hates spraying — to help me justify skipping that step. any thoughts?

    • Kristina

      For displaying, depending on the size of the work, maybe you could just slip it into a sheet protector? No altering the work and no smudges from passing students…

  • Patty P

    Lucy, I'm like you. Don't really want to spray at all. I find it alters the art too much. I actually like your idea of placing newsprint between the art. Good tip.
    Sorry…no alternative spray suggestions!

  • Ann Stanley

    I don't want to spray either. I just did this lesson with several classes and then laminated all of them. They look pretty good. I was worried the oil pastel would run or melt from the heat of the laminator but it did not.

  • Lucy Ames

    Another question…. how much time did this take and how large? I want to do this in one period, so maybe we'll make them small.

  • Ann Stanley

    I don't know about the others, but I did this lesson on 9 x 12 paper and they got done in one 50 minute class. I told them either be done or I would throw their work away..hmmm they all got done! We've done a lot with color lately but not much with chalk so this was a one day filler lesson between some bigger projects. It was successful for every kid.

    • Melissa

      “I told them either be done or I would throw their work away.” Really?!? This doesn’t seem like “best practice” to create children who have an appreciation for art and the work they do.

  • Melanie

    I am new to teaching art an wondered about the correct way to use chalk pastels with the students.
    Thanks for any hints!

  • Shalae

    I loved this project. It was so fun. The second time I did it I took a new spin on it, and though you might like to see our finished results.


    Thanks for all your awesome ideas.

    • Melissa

      They look great Shalae!

  • Sue Docker

    These look quite spectacular when finished. I also use ordinary coloured chalk works as it works well with chalk pastels, and has a bit more depth of colour to use for highlighting. I have also used pavement chalk, as they are cheap and come in a different variety of colours. Love, love, love this art activity! I have done it with years 3-6 and it iy great for them all.

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