Create Your Technique Toolkit

Well done, you!

I’m giving you a hearty applause for wrapping up another year in the art room. It’s not easy sustaining creative energy all year long when your workday is peppered with classroom management, assessments and meetings.

But you did it!

No doubt you are ready to dive into a juicy beach read and take some well deserved time off. You need time to refuel your energy so don’t ignore taking a break if you can.

Yet some of you are teaching summer classes, hosting art camps or filling your professional development requirements. And if that’s you it’s easier to keep the momentum going if you tap into your innate need to create.

This week, we’re launching a workshop that is designed to help you tap into your creative superpowers, fulfill your PD hours and prepare for the school year ahead.

If you’re a member of The Sparklers’ Club, you may be familiar with the EASE Curriculum. We released a full art project curriculum plus workshop training videos last year to help our members use alongside the lessons.

And this week, the art training is available as a 9-module art workshop for you!

We’re pretty big on inspiration around here.

I know from past experiences, just when you feel you have not a single creative thought in your head, a peek at a technique or a glimpse of a new art material can send you spiraling down a creative vortex.

And is there anything more fun than that?

This workshop has a few goodies that we are absolutely giddy about that:

The 90 page workbook is simply delicious.

It’s filled with creative exercises for you and activities to use with your students, plus use as a comprehensive resource to reference in your own artistic practice and as you guide students through 72+ techniques and activities.

No Deep Space Sparkle course would be complete without a sketchbook!

Throughout the EASE workshop, you’ll create a sketchbook to record what you’re learning, take notes about new techniques or experiment with familiar ones in new ways. The sky’s the limit for your sketchbook and the best part?

You can complete this workshop from wherever you are AND earn professional development points, too.

Can you really use chalk pastels with a class of wiggly Kindergarteners? YES!

Is it possible to make elevated art with crayons or even dried out markers? YES!

Take this summer to fuel your creativity, gear up for a new school year with ease and capture relevant PD training with a team that you can trust.

Enrollment for the EASE Course begins on June 6th.

We’ll kick off the course together as set up our sketchbooks, prepare our materials and get to know your creative support group during the Workshop Opening Ceremonies on June 15th.

Sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when the EASE Course will open again for Registration.

What do you think?

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  • Melaney Kosarek

    This workshop sounds great! 🙂

  • Ramon Aldamiz-Echevarria

    I can not see the price for the workshop anywhere. Why is that the case? Is it all free? Why do you keep people wondering the most basic question?

    • patty

      Hi Ramon! The workshop is now open for enrollment. If you signed up for the waitlist, you may have already received an email.

  • Sharon

    No cost listed, so it must be FREE!?

    • Bethany

      Hi Sharon! Enrollment for the EASE Course begins on June 6th. We will release more information about the cost and what is included soon. You won’t want to miss this workshop so be sure to join the waitlist to receive enrollment updates https://deepspacesparkle.mykajabi.com/ease-workshop-waitlist-page-1.

    • Tracy

      Is there a cost for members who have been purchasing yearly subscriptions for 3 years?

      • Bethany

        Hi Tracy! Check your emails from The Sparklers’ Club! We’ve been sending out lots of updates regarding the workshop and how to sign up if you’re a Sparkler! If you don’t see the emails please reach out to support@sparklersclub.com for more information.

  • Annette


  • Jeannette Jones

    I would like to participate in this as I may want to teach art during an after school program and with my own children.

  • Naomi

    I would love to improve my art experience.

    • Carol Worthy

      Carol of Blossm and Bloom. I am so NEW to teaching art as an indepndent subject. I want my fall classes to be awesome and I need a lot of prep 😁. Im feeling a tad overwhelmed. What is your advice?

      My director, Beverly Lindquist of Blossom and Bloom Creative Arts Center, purchased the Deep Sparkle membership for me to upgrade our art program. Your summer program looks fanastic but I feel like I am running to catch a speeding train 😂🤣😅.

      The summer program looks wonderful. Wht is the time committment forthe training? Do I purchase it personnally or through Blossom and Bloom?

      I’ll get up to speed quickly! Got to get over this inertia. ❤️

  • Rebecca

    I was a Sparkle Club member for many years and purchased a bundle. Since I am retiring, I have stopped my membership. When I went to get the bundles I purchased, I was told I could not access them. This is very disappointing since I have paid hundreds of dollars to this service.

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