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How to mix paints for Kid's art projects

A reader asked me how to mix paints the way I do for my art lessons. She asked for a recipe, but I’m afraid to say there really isn’t one. This video shows how I mix paints for my art projects. Of course, not every project requires this amount of prep, and in many cases, its best to let kids mix their own paint colors. But sometimes it helps to have a stockpile of fun paint colors to make everyone’s job a bit easier.

I like to store my paints in plastic containers. I found mine at Smart & Final, which is a restaurant supply store in California. You might be able to find one at your local supply store. If not, save the containers you use in your own home (margarine, sour cream ,etc). They won’t be clear plastic but you can add white labels to the sides or tops. Dab some paint on the label so you can see the color.

You can download this nifty (and free!) guide sheet to download from my store here.


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  • erica

    My daughter keeps saying “again” she loves to paint. Watching again. I will probably watch this with my students so they can see before they mix! Love the music too:) Fun post.

    • Patty Palmer

      Love your daughter’s reaction. It really is fun mixing paints.You should try it together!

      • sabrina

        A friend and her daughter came to stay for a week so I took the opportunity to practice some lessons on the kid. I taught her how to mix colors and set her loose to experiment, recording what she did and the results.

        Her reaction: “Colors are interesting. Unexpected!”

        Love it!

  • meri cherry

    love this video. so happy and fun!

  • Lois

    Why do you add water?

  • Julie Bales

    Yay! I’ve always been an admirer of your website and am so inspired by your lessons. Thanks for sharing the combos to make all of your cool colors. I would have been a mess without that guide. You’ve touched so many lives-children and adults, thank you for sharing your creativity.

  • julia

    Sencillamente genial!
    Congrats from Spain.
    keep doing this nice and simple tutorials and blog.
    Love he music, fresh and happy as the color palete.


    I’ve keep my paints in disposable plastic baby food containers-great for storing paints!! They come in two sizes too! I ask my students who have babies at home to bring them in… ps. I love the free download , AND the video!! Thanks Patty, I look forward to each one of your posts:)

  • Julie D

    After reading your suggestion on the website, I am experimenting with storing paints in covered plastic dishes. For the most part, I like the way it’s working out, but I have one sort of messy problem, and maybe you have a solution. The paint gets trapped along the top edge of the container, and dries on that edge when the container is closed. The next time I open the container, the paint along the edge has dried and becomes “flyaway” paint that is so light it crumbles on the table and just kind of blows around. I’ve tried wiping the edges of the containers before I close them, but that’s a LOT of work when I’ve got 40 containers. Any ideas? And thank you for your fabulous website!

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