Easy Watercolor Line Art Project for Kids

Easy Watercolor Line Art for Kids



Easy Watercolor Line Art Project for Kids

There’s something about the lure of summer to awaken your creative juices. My favorite illustrators like August Wren and Alisa Burke create art. every. single. day.

I can’t even imagine doing that. Can you?

But something inspired me this morning to turn off my computer, find a sketch pad and grab a box of watercolors. Usually I plan out what I want to paint, but today, I decided to paint as if I were a child being handed a tray of paint.

What would I paint?

What colors would I use?

It ended up being nothing…just a series of lines and blobs. But that’s what a child would do. Well, actually they would most likely paint a rainbow or a flower or a lollypop tree…but if we said they could paint anything except those things.

I let the paint dry and took out a Sharpie marker and drew a few lines. Not worrying about it needing to be something.

And as it turns out, the painting did indeed turn out to be nothing, but it did its job.

Tomorrow I will do it again. This time, I feel it won’t take as much energy to get started.

WANT TO SEE ME IN ACTION? Here’s a 1 min video…


Want to create something with me? Paint or draw something tomorrow that could be used in your art class.

Tag me on Instagram with #deepspacesparkle and let’s share some ideas!


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  • Kara Sabatella

    wonderful, dynamic and colorful tutorial. easy for students to understand how use of lines can make a work of art really pop!! keep making these super tutorials!!

  • Mary Jane Muir

    What a lovely and fun exercise! Thanks Patty for your generosity and for sharing your creativity with us.

  • Claudette

    A great way to open up the first day with a cool lesson like this. Thank you.

  • Becky

    Thank you for a great idea. I try to incorporate the 7 Elements of Art every fall into my lessons. I’m looking forward to hitting 2 with one project, line & color!!

    • Lynne

      And shape! :0)

  • Diane

    Love it! Thank you so much, my high school special needs students will love this activity.

  • julieannvonb@yahoo.com

    Love it!

  • jenn

    i love this!

  • sdfickbohm

    Please cancel my subsciption, I am an art teacher, and I have not seen anything I can really use, everything I would like I will have to buy, and I would rather pick my projects with my school standards. Thank you, wish it was more useful for me.
    Sherry Fickbohm, sdfickbohm@hotmail.com.

    • Patty

      Canceling your membership is easy. You can login to your account and click subscription. Are you sure you are in the Sparklers Club website? I would recommend contacting support@deepspacesparkle.com because you may not be aware of what is offered to you. For instance, you don’t have to buy anything once you are a member. Are you aware of that? Just let us know how we can help by contacting support.

  • Becky

    Looking for a quick lesson with my 3rd graders. This is a perfect lesson on line and design and color! Thanks

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