Exploring Art Supplies through Environments | A Curriculum and Art Course for Teachers

Exploring Art Supplies through Environments | A Curriculum and Art Course for Teachers

Imagine stepping into school on the first day with a clear path for the entire year and the behind-the-scenes knowledge to teach it all successfully. With the EASE art curriculum, you can set you and your students up for a deep dive into art materials and techniques.

The Exploring Art Supplies through Environments (or EASE) curriculum is designed to ease your journey throughout the school year and set your students up for success.

Focusing on both process and technique, the lessons in this curriculum will have your students jumping into art lessons on day one, as the practice and experimentation with each art material is embedded into the lesson.

Worried that your students are a bit behind on skills and a set curriculum might be too rigid?

The EASE curriculum uses a careful approach to material introduction so that as children move through the lessons, their skills in specific mediums grow. Paired with an engaging art project, children develop their skills while having fun, exploring art-making processes and igniting their imaginations.

If you find students are struggling with techniques, simply choose a lesson that is one or two grade levels lower. The techniques are sequenced so you can be sure you are truly meeting your students where they are at.

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Cultivating Craftsmanship and Skills through Engagement

With a focus on environments around the world, children are immersed in the Grasslands to Freshwater Environments to the Rainforest and beyond.

Each of the 8 lessons inside the 9 art bundles feature art projects that hone in on ONE art material and ONE environment.

Explore the step-by-step progression that will guide young artists towards honing their oil pastels and crayon skills as they illustrate blue gnus, prairie dogs, grasshoppers and birds of prey while they study the GRASSLANDS.

Exploring Art Supplies through Environments | A Curriculum and Art Course for Teachers

Step into the enchanting realm of the FOREST as we embark on a delightful stroll, encountering the fascinating world of badgers, raccoons, and bears. Along the way, let’s turn our gaze to the intricate details of fungi, the intricate architecture of bird nests, and the mesmerizing art of camouflage in animals. We’ll bring these wonders to life through the magical interplay of painted paper and collage.

Grab your markers and let’s go on a journey to the RAINFOREST.  Learn how to draw and color chameleons, caimans and tree frogs while creating detailed habitats and dioramas. Let your creativity flourish as you explore the colors, contrasts and textures of the rainforest through one of the accessible mediums: markers.

Embark on a thrilling Arctic adventure, where the POLAR regions come to life through the vibrant world of liquid tempera paint. Immerse yourself in a world of tints, shades, double-loading, and a variety of techniques that are specially crafted to capture the essence of this icy wonderland.

Dive into the deep with a captivating SALTWATER experience with watercolor paints.  Learn how to create texture, master light and shadow, capture the shimmer of water and color of ocean animals within our coastal environments.

Take a creative journey through the thriving world of our FRESHWATER ecosystems. Discover the versatility of modeling clay, air-dry clay, and ceramic clay as you master the art of coiling, building, slab work and pinching. With these techniques at your fingertips, you’ll have the power to mold extraordinary pieces that capture the essence of this vibrant ecosystem.

Don your gloves and hat as we visit the working environments that shape our RURAL landscapes. Discover the artistry of printmaking as you craft stunning depictions of tractors, vegetable gardens, windmills, and barns. Expand your knowledge of printmaking techniques with farm fresh projects. 

Step into the dynamic world of URBAN environments, where the interplay between human-made structures and artistic endeavors takes center stage. Armed with a simple pencil, artists learn the art of drawing perspective, creating contrast, playing with value, and exploring the intricate details of cityscapes, bustling streets, and architecture.

Step into the seemingly barren expanse of the DESERT, where life thrives in unexpected ways. With the aid of chalk pastels, artists delve into a study of natural formations and unique foliage

Lesson plans, planning materials, resources, relevant training and PD hours? Yes please!

This is the first time we’ve combined a course experience with a fully sequenced and resource curriculum, set against the backdrop of the diverse and beautiful environments of our world.

Each of the nine course videos included in the curriculum are packed with real-life tips for teaching grade-specific techniques featuring nine different art materials. 

We’ve chosen to highlight some of the most common art room materials including crayon and oil pastel, painted paper collage, marker, tempera paint, watercolor, clay, printmaking, pencil and colored pencil and chalk pastel. 

There’s no need for an extensive art supply order, this curriculum is truly back to basics. 

In addition to the material of choice for each bundle is a list of 5 basic art supplies to use freely:

Exploring Art Supplies through Environments | A Curriculum and Art Course for Teachers

The EASE curriculum makes setup a breeze; align all of your students to use the same materials at the same time; no more running around during non-existent transition times between classes to set up for the next class.

The EASE curriculum includes a full year’s worth of lessons for grades K-7 plus coordinating resources including lesson-specific slide decks, special needs adaptations and posters for your classroom.

Interested in learning more about how curriculums can simplify your year? 

Click to download our Ultimate Guide to Designing a Curriculum. 

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The Exploring Art Supplies through Environments (or EASE) curriculum will release on July 1st within our Sparklers’ Club membership. Get on our notification list to access our brand new art course and curriculum this summer!

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  • Donna

    I wish these units were available as stand-alone purchases. I’m not an art teacher, but am trying to learn more about art materials and their uses. I love Deep Space Sparkle, but do not need the Sparkler component. Patti, how about designing a program for people who just want to create?

    • Patty

      Hi Donna! We’re offering this course and curriculum inside our membership so they can be affordable for teachers. Instead of offering as a stand-alone purchase (which would be upwards of $700 for the course and curriculum), we choose to make it available for $38 a month.
      As a member, you don’t have to access everything the Sparkler’s Club offers….you can pick and choose. That’s the beauty of it.
      We do have separate courses available through Deep Space Sparkle that help you learn techniques. Click on the COURSE tab in the menu to see what’s available.

  • Beth

    I look forward to exploring these art lessons with my incoming kindergarten class. I witnessed the setback that children experienced during Covid, mainly my lower elementary students: lack of fine motor control. Thank you for making these resources available!

  • Jenni

    I am so excited for the release of this curriculum! I could see how it could also be arranged so that different bundles align with different months of the year based on your climate (i.e. polar regions with a colder season).

    • Patty

      Hi Jenni!
      We thought about that and planned out the environments to coordinate with our hemisphere’s seasonal climate. But you do have the option of moving the bundles around. Also, if you wish to add in seasonal content as a supplement, you can do that.

  • Susan Carney

    I am very interested in this Environment Curriculum/Course. I will not be able to renew my membership due to special circumstances. Is there any way that I can purchase individual environment courses to use this current school year? Thank you so much!!

    • Bethany

      Hi Susan! We’re so excited to offer this dual art course and curriculum inside our Sparklers’ Club membership with no extra fee for you. The lessons are only available inside The Sparklers’ Club Membership. A monthly member can access the entire Curriculum in just 4 months of membership by using their bundle unlocks.

  • jane.ketchum

    I’ve been saving my monthly Bundle Unlocks & had planned to do the EPIC Curriculum during the 2023-2024 school year. Last year was my first year & I pieced together a mixed curriculum of various DSS Bundles, Pinterest finds & some of my own lessons. Now I’m torn between EPIC & EASE. Thankfully, I haven’t started opening the EPIC Bundles yet. I teach PreK-5th at a small Title 1 school. Which do you recommend I do first?

    • Bethany

      Hi Jane! Great question. Both EPIC and EASE are excellent curriculums that, I think, would both work well for your teaching situation. If you are torn between the two, my suggestion would be to check out the Project Plan for both curriculums. The Project Plans are an overview of ALL the lessons in the curriculums along with a project image, time information and main objectives. After looking at each project plan, you will have a better idea of which curriculum appeals to you and fits your needs best.
      The Project Plan for EPIC is available to you (without unlocks) on the main page for the EPIC curriculum. The Project Plan for EASE will be available on July 1st (without unlocks) on the main page for the EASE curriculum. Also worth noting is that the July Bundle is the first bundle of the EASE curriculum, so you can check that out without using your unlocks. I hope that helps.

  • Mary

    Looks fabulous

    • Peggy

      I’m a little confused. So this ease curriculum will be part of the regular bundles each month? Or does it work differently?

      • Bethany

        Hi Peggy! Exploring Art Supplies through Environments (EASE) is a done-for-you art curriculum for grades K-7. With nine different environment-themed art bundles, you and your students will explore art-making that emphasizes a single medium. Starting July 1st, those 9 bundles can be unlocked with your bundle credits inside the membership just like all the other bundles.
        This comprehensive curriculum is streamlined to make teaching easy for you and engaging for your students. The curriculum includes full, standards-based LESSON PLANS with accompanying DRAWING GUIDES and HANDOUTS to support you as you teach. All supplemental materials needed to teach each lesson are already made for you as well, including lesson-specific SLIDE DECKS and colorful POSTERS.

  • lyates1978

    I can’t WAIT for this release!

  • Irina

    Hi! I’m so excited for this. I am a brand new teacher and I’m so happy that I found Deep Space Sparkle. Is there anyway that I can become a member sooner than August so that I can get started/review/plan? Thank you 🙂

    • Patty

      Well, you are certainly asking the right person….if you are on The Sparklers’ Club waitlist, you just might be in for a sweet surprise. Stay tuned and watch your email!
      Here’s the waitlist sign-up: https://deepspacesparkle.lpages.co/join-waitlist/

  • Joann Gilkerson

    This sounds amazing!

  • Laurie

    I love the idea of focusing on environment. This creates a wonderful opportunity to teach about climate change and environmental action within every lesson.

  • Suzan Linde

    Hi Patty,
    I’m moving to a new Elementary Art position this year, replacing the art teacher thats been there for 9 years. I plan to use the Ease Curriculum to identify where my students are with their skills, knowledge of materials use, creativity and craftsmanship. Where can I get a copy of the Craftsmanship Poster? It’s a keeper.

    • Bethany

      Hi Suzan! Nice to hear from you! Every year we like to recognize and celebrate members anniversary in The Sparklers’ Club. We do this by sending out anniversary posters. The Craftsmanship Poster is one of our Anniversary posters we send out! We do have a set of amazing EASE posters that you will have access to inside The Sparklers’ Club and there are also a few more posters you can check out on the website under RESOURCES! Enjoy.

  • Trish Mccain

    So how do I get the EASE curriculum?

    • Bethany

      Hi Trish! This Curriculum is only available inside The Sparklers’ Club Membership. The Sparklers’ Club is an affordable and flexible pay as you go monthly membership—perfect for anyone who teaches art to students aged K-7. To join the Sparklers’ Club waitlist and learn more about The Sparklers’ Club click here: https://deepspacesparkle.lpages.co/the-sparklers-club-waitlist/

  • Anna

    When are memberships available? Is it a particular date in August? I am wanting to plan.. starting classes soon and love your ideas!

    • Bethany

      Hi Anna! Enrollment opens on August 3, 2023. If you would like to receive an email regarding all enrollment opportunities and to get a reminder when we officially open our doors please be sure to join our waitlist. To get on the Sparklers’ Club waitlist click here: https://deepspacesparkle.lpages.co/the-sparklers-club-waitlist/

  • Nathan Breitholtz

    Are the lessons all fully teacher-directed, or is there space for choice and variety in student work and process?

    • Bethany

      Hi Nathan! Great question. This really varies lesson to lesson and by grade level. Some lessons are fully teacher directed with most projects ending up pretty similar so that the teacher can lead students through a new technique or process – like a two-point perspective drawing for example. Other lesson plans might offer much more student choice and the projects will end up totally different but all following a certain theme! It’s really up to you as the teacher to see what lessons most appeal to you and will work best in your classroom. With hundreds of lessons to choose from you can really design your own path.

    • Patty

      Hi Nathan,
      Great question. I love how you think!
      Our goal is to provide art teachers a full path of guidance from when a student enters the art room (introducing the lesson with the full tutorial so that every teacher can assess where they might need some instructions) to resources that help facilitate the lesson, help with early finishers and facilitate differentiation, PLUS all the back end stuff….standards, students assessments, etc.

      We treat teachers as carefully as our students….leave space for choice and offer variety dependent on the art philosophy and goals of every teacher.

      Hope that helps!

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