Homophone and Homonym Art Activity

Homophone and Homonym Art Activity

Based on the book “Cat Tales” by Michel Hale, children explore the color wheel by creating secondary colors from primary colors. Using shapes to create the Cats from the book, children become aware of movement, expression and composition.
This 8-page lesson plan includes full color photo tutorials, student agllery, a handout to show how easy it is for first graders to make a shape cat and tips for encouraging the best work from your students.
A perfect tie-in to your lesson on homophones and homonyms.

This 8-page lesson plan develops the following skills:

  • making secondary colors from primary colors
  • paper cutting skills
  • creating a composition from paper shapes
  • learn about movement through composition

The lesson plan includes:

  • full-color tutorial
  • art objectives
  • directional handout
  • student gallery
  • “clickable” supply list




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  • J.R. Cooper

    I used this lesson at the end of last year for our Reading Night – an after school (at night) event for parents and their children to do literacy linked activities together. I read the book and did your project with two age groups (K-3)and (4-6) with the modification of using construction paper in orange and blue and grey with a white background. Since my sessions were less then forty minutes long I had to cut time and turn them into something they could take with them at the end of the session. Anyone who finished making the cats got to make a background of their choice with crayons and had to write their own sentence about the cat using a homophone or homonym. It was a huge success! The kids and parents loved it and our building’s reading tutor was thrilled there was such a good connection between the arts and literacy!

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