art made easy how to cultivate creative thinkers at home podcast episode 153

How to Cultivate Creative Thinkers at Home: AME 153



The Coronavirus is certainly shaking things up. It’s early on in the cycle of school closures, social distancing and home-based learning and people are just plain confused.

Folks deal with these types of events differently. There is a tremendous amount of pressure to stay put, not travel, hoard toilet paper and stock up on Chardonnay. So I thought it might be helpful to offer you a permission slip to slow down, calm down and take this pandemic day by day.

There are so many opportunities lurking behind every bored moment, teaching challenge and frustrations. You never really know when you’ll hit your stride of capturing moments for your students and children during this disruption.

This episode shares insights on how boredom is the biggest precursor to creativity. How pulling back maybe the best way to ignite children’s creativity.


– What I did to develop and nurture my own creativity when I was a child.

– How giving your child unstructured time to think about what they like will lead to so many good things

– A simple exercise you can start using today with younger students

– Why you don’t need a lot of tech or equipment to connect with your students while they’re at home

– What possibilities exist when children are home for an extended period of time

– What I recommend you do (and don’t do) while home during this time



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  • andrea_cheek

    THANK YOU!!! YOU are ALL awesome at DSS!!!

    -Mrs. Andrea Cheek
    B. Everett Jordan Elementary School
    Graham, NC

    • Hannah


  • Donna Freeman

    Love this. I can relate to you because I spent hours upon hours in my room as a child in NJ during school closings, summer vacations and a lot of weekends just playing with paper dolls cut from catalogs. my sisters and I(I have 5, no brothers) built homes, families and named each member, stores, school, swimming pools and you name it. I love helping local children with class projects. They always receive a grade of A or A plus because of the “creativity” so the teacher calls it, but it’s just fun for me. I love art in all it’s forms and I love DSS. I am Skribble Kids for TX and support you and your team. Thank you for all you do!

  • Susan

    I don’t know how old Patty is, she looks pretty young, but I am 63 and my brothers and I made everything during our long Ohio winters. My 88 year old mother still has ships made from walnut shells and pictures, paintings and sculptures that we made. This was fun.

  • s.rebh

    Nice article.thanks

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