How to draw garden flowers art project video

How to Draw & Paint Garden Flowers Video

I must admit. I’ve gone a little flower crazy since reviewing Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy. I can’t stop painting flowers! And I created this little video which ties in nicely with my other newest obsession–making videos.

For this project, grab a few sheets of 12″ x 9″ watercolor paper, a sharpie marker, some oil pastels, watercolor paint and some table salt.

How to draw garden flowers art project video

I know what you’re thinking. What about a pencil? Sometimes it’s nice just to throw caution to the wind and draw shapes and lines and see what happens. Of course, using a pencil to sketch your flowers is perfectly fine. Draw lightly then trace with a marker to achieve the thick black lines. Then, erase the pencil lines.

You can see how a class of third graders drew their flowers with markers directly onto watercolor paper. They didn’t add stems but instead just made random flowers and scattered them over the paper. I loved how they turned out.

Download my handy FLOWER DRAWING GUIDE to use as a practice sheet or just to get some ideas flowing.

Are you ready to watch the video?

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  • Anne Duschka

    how fun was that?! Thank you!

  • Elizabeth Koenig

    This is wonderful! I had been planning on doing a watercolor and Sharpie flower drawing program for adults at the library where I work. This video would be a really fun way to start the class. Would you mind if I used it?

  • Juanita

    Thank you.

  • Audrey

    What age/grade did you do this lesson with?

    • Patty Palmer

      Hi Audrey,
      I did a radial flower project with 3rd grade (the link to the lesson is above) but the video I made on my own. You can do the lesson with any grade or age…maybe use oil pastels for kids age 5-8 and marker for older. Let me know if you try it!



    I am so excited to try this with my summer campers! Can’t tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your wonderful ideas!

  • Caroline

    Hi. I am a teacher from Kalmar in Sweden. I teach art in 1st grade . I have read many of your tips . This week we will paint these flowers. I think my students can do it with oil pastels . Thanks for a great website and for having videos . Sincerely, Caroline

    • Patty Palmer

      Thank you so much Caroline. I know your students will love oil pastels. Great to hear DSS is a small part of art in Sweden!


    This is so simple yet so effective – I can’t wait to do this with my Year 2 class for our local Natural World art competition. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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