How to Draw a Pig

How to Draw a Pig


Using the same technique as the Kinder Cows art lesson, this pig art lesson teaches your little ones simple drawing techniques and offers enough options for each child to create their own little piggy!


  • 12″ x 18″ white drawing paper
  • Black, pink, white, green and yellow oil pastel or crayons
  • Red (watered-down), green and blue liquid watercolors
  • Brushes and Water

Begin with a 12″ x 18″ white drawing paper and a black oil pastel and draw a small circle towards the LHS of the paper. Then, draw a large curve, starting at the right of the circle (head) and going all the way around until you reach the bottom of the circle (chin).

Draw two straight lines for legs complete with inverted letter “V” for hoofs. Draw a small circle with two short vertical lines inside for a snout, two dots for eyes and two ears. Lastly, draw a curly tail. Using a white oil pastel, color in white clouds and a fence line. Using a green oil pastel, add grass. Yellow oil pastel for a sun, etc. Continue until the child has enough detail in his picture. You can suggest butterflies, flowers, etc.

Set out a tray of blue, green and pink (watered down red) liquid watercolor paints and large wash brushes. This step takes very little time. Kinders paint fast!

Don’t forget clouds. Using white oil pastel, encourage children to color in their clouds with white oil pastel and not just outline them (which is the tenancy at this age).

Set out to dry and voila! Pretty Pigs!

How to Draw a Pig

Download this free lesson guide on our Chicken Little template for more farm animal art inspiration!

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  • Rachel@oneprettything.com

    Those are SO cute! I love all the different faces! I’ll be linking to this.

  • theflanfam

    Thank you for sharing your talent! I’ll be homeschooling in August and I can’t wait to use your lessons for art day!

  • Carlo

    This is perfect because it seems like a tutorial special for my little girl because at the kinder Garden teachers don't teach anything like this Specially teacher Sildenafil

  • alexandra

    i was looking around your new (great) website and i remembered that i used this how-to-draw lesson with my kids last year. take a look if you want, i think they turned out great:


  • Nicolle Echevarria

    I love this project. Just did it with my Kindergarten classes! Thanks for all your amazing project ideas! They rock!

  • Bali Ratih

    So Cute drawing. Simple but beautiful art i think.

  • Mary

    This may be a lesson in following directions, but it is not an art lesson. An authentic art experience allows for children to interpret and encourages creative and critical thinking. This lesson teaches the children that in order to make art, they need not think for themselves. I suggest investigating Marvin Bartell’s lesson on drawing a pig – he brought a piglet to class, and the children created their own renderings and sculptures based on thoughtful observation and experience. While this may not be possible, it is possible to tap into the child’s own memories and experience, and to provide opportunities for children to draw from observation. Bring in plant and other objects from the natural world. Teach them to SEE, and provide them with experiences that have meaning – that are not simply mimetic.

  • Louise

    I think the lesson for very young kids is perfect. They use their own creativity through instruction. and nothing is wrong. You make this lesson easy, which is perfect for that age.

  • Cindy Krause

    Why can’t I download this project?

  • Lacey Yerian

    Love it

  • Taylor

    They are fantastic pigs!!!

  • trish

    So cute

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