How to Incorporate STEAM projects into your art room with Amy Zschaber

How to Incorporate STEAM Projects Into Your Art Room: AME 045



How to Incorporate STEAM projects into your art room with Amy Zschaber

Are you wondering what STEAM based art education is all about?  Art teacher Amy Zschaber will shine the light on what’s possible for art educators.

Quite honestly, I was never a fan of replacing studio arts with anything digital or math related. Now I realize how short sighted I was. Amy describes an art curriculum that is rich in both creativity and discovery.

In this episode, Amy shares her journey as an art educator, how she went from confused to confident and strategies to make the best in a struggling school environment.


  • How Amy designs lesson plans to fit with the environment she’s teaching in
  • How having the proper credentials gives you a new sense of confidence
  • How a STEAM project differs from other art projects
  • Tips on how art teachers can work with general education teachers in regards to lesson plans
  • How overcoming limitations, like lack of supplies, can be the foundation of really great lessons
  • The importance of changing your mindset for the children

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How to incorporate STEAM projects into your art room with Artful Artsy Amy founder, Amy Zschaber

Amy Zschaber is an award-winning Art teacher from California. She began teaching in 2005 after discovering she had a “knack” for putting steps to elaborate art-based projects as a summer camp instructor.

Her blog, Artful Artsy Amy shares her most popular STEAM based Art Units with teachers.

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  • Kara Sabatella

    This podcast was extremely helpful to me. Patty like you, I started teaching at my childrens school kinda by accident 16 yrs ago. I have been teaching myself, following blogs, looking through books and getting my art degree since then. I love to learn new ideas from other art teachers and STEAM is such an interesting part of teaching art to investigate. I have incorporated math, science and engineering into projects sporadically anyway, now it just has a cool title in the education world. I can remember at the beginning of my art teaching journey reading on the Crayola website (one of the very few online art sites at the time) how creating art makes children better problem solvers and this fascinated me. Thank you for the podcast.

    • Patty

      Thank you so much Kara! I appreciate your words.

  • Carol Grams

    I really appreciated the helpful attitude and positive tone of this discussion. I feel motivated to add more research and information to the nature based projects I do with my young students.

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