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How to Make a Color Wheel Thanksgiving Turkey



I have to admit, the more color a project has the more I love it. And this Thanksgiving turkey? Well, let’s just say I could make them all. day. long.

The best part of this project is that you can whip out your box of paper scraps — or if you are extremely organized — your color-sorted collection of papers, and go on a color wheel treasure hunt.

I made this video for you to show you just how fun and easy this colorful turkey really is.

And don’t blame me if you get obsessed with making more than one!

Here’s a video showing you the quick steps:

Download this handy drawing guide before you get started:

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Here’s what you’ll need:

– Turkey Body: Paper Scraps for the turkey body (about one 6″ x 7″ piece per student)

– Oil pastels or construction paper crayons

– Scissors & glue stick / white school glue

– 12″ x 9″ black or white paper for background

How to Draw the Symmetrical Turkey Body

Download the Turkey Drawing Guide below and photocopy for students or use it to give you a quick overview of the drawing.

how to draw turkey step 1

Fold the turkey body paper in half. Using the drawing guide as a reference, draw a half a circle for the head (the folded section of the paper should be the center of the circle) and then draw a larger circle for the body.

Add legs and cut out turkey body. Open up and place body off to the side.

draw a wing turkey step 2

On a small separate sheet of paper. Fold the paper in half and draw a wing. Use the drawing guide as a general reference. Cut out.

Let’s go on a color wheel treasure hunt!

You can keep this part really simple: just organized colored pieces of 6″ x 3″ (approx) paper into trays. OR, you can talk about the color wheel and ask children to find feather shapes for all 7 colors of the rainbow.

paper color decorating thanksgiving turkey step 3

Collect all of the paper colors, cut into feather shapes and start decorating.

thanksgiving turkey step 4 oil pastels

Using oil pastels or crayons, make designs on the features.

There are a few options here: you can demonstrate a standard feather shape or for children who are older (8+) might enjoy adding a different pattern to each feather.

Putting the colorful turkey together…

Gather up all of the pieces: body, wings (2), feathers (7) and arrange on a colored sheet of paper.

thanksgiving turkey step 5 white glue

With a light colored crayon, make a dot near the center of the paper. Place the 4th feather (green) in the middle of the paper with the bottom of the feather touching the dot and the top extending off the top edge of the paper.

With the white school glue, draw a line from the got to the side of the paper. Glue feather #1 (red)

Continue the pattern of gluing the feathers towards the dot.

thanksgiving turkey step 6 glue paper feathers

When all the feathers are glued to the background paper, glue the body and wings.

Use extra paper scraps to add the beak and wattle.

Use a black marker to make dots for the eyes. Stand back and swoon over these adorable turkeys.

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If you create this lesson in your art room, I’d love to see it!

Color wheel turkeysart project for kids thanksgiving fall seasonal art

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  • Diedra

    Beautiful lessons. Thanks for sharing!

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    So cute and love the color wheel tie-in!

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    Nice Art Project. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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    Very nice shape and contrast colors?Thanks Dear

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    hi am a new fan :3

  • Jane flores bautista

    thank you so mach to sharing I love it

  • Deb Allen

    Love this lesson! I tied in the color wheel, complimentary colors, and lines making texture/

  • melissa oat

    Art has always been my favorite subject. I homeschool my children ages 12,8 and 4 they all love Patty’s artwork! I find myself always doing the project along with them because they are just so vibrant, fun and beautiful. Thank you for offering so many things for free and for your Youtube channel. We love Patty’s color choices and clothing style too! We just really appreciate you and all your program does.

  • Esther Schmitt

    So Awesome! Thank you!

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    Amazing and fun lessons!

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    I am your fan from Europe – Lithuania. Your lessons are really awesome! I love everything you share. Thank you very much!

  • Carin

    Can you please email me the color wheel turkey handout?

    • Bethany

      Hi Carin. If you need help with a download please email Shannon at support@deepspacesparkle.com and she will help you there.

  • Fateha Begum

    Amazing and fun for kids I would like to do this myself

  • Kimbra Cook

    I love your art projects!

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    A color wheel turkey? This is SO perfect! I love your site and your guidance/resources!! Thank you!

  • Luana



    Nice , good sample of this bird , for small children!

  • katie salazar

    I can’t get the download to work. can you please email to me

    • Bethany

      Hi Katie! This is Bethany from Team Sparkle. When you click the download button, the pdf lesson should go directly to your inbox. If you don’t see it there you can reach out to support@deepspacesparkle.com and they can help make sure you receive a copy.

  • Peggy

    will be good for class

  • Dorothy Williford

    We made these adorable, colorful turkeys, and all had so much fun at Thanksgiving. The grands took them home and we forgot to snap a picture. many THANKS for the freebie. ❤️

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