Christmas Ornament Craft

Kinder Christmas Ornament Craft


Here’s a super easy, fun craft project to create with your little ones. They would make a cute Christmas card or perhaps even a thank-you note. Just trace the bottoms of any plastic container onto a piece of white paper. You can use card stock or a similar weighted paper. You’ll need it heavy enough to hold the embellishments but not too thick for little hands to cut through.

Trace and cut as many “ornaments” as you would like and provide the kids with paint, glitter, glue, yarn buttons and sequins.

Here’s a breakdown of the steps:

Trace circles onto white construction paper or card stock. Draw a tab (small square) for the ornament top and cut entire piece out.

Paint ornament with various colored paint. I love the metallic tempera paint but regular tempera is great, too.

Use glue to add craft rhinestones and sequins and glitter.

Add a pre-tied yarn or ribbon bow with a dab or white glue.

Glue onto paper (construction paper, greeting card, etc.)

Teacher Tip: I used a colored sheet of 12″ x 9″ paper as their table protector and they used the same paper to “carry” their completed ornaments to the drying rack. Then, after the pieces dried, I turned the paper over, glued on the ornaments and wrote their names in silver pen.
Brilliant use of paper, I think!


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  • Confessions of a Homeschooler

    Cute I like this, we'll have to try it!

  • april

    Another great idea for me and my granddaughter today! Always can count on you! Thank you!

  • Vivian

    My kindergartener is going to love this project! Now I know what we'll do tomorrow. Thanks, Patty!

  • Lynna

    I did this lesson with first grade this year…it was fun and they loved it!

  • Kelly Demetriades

    I’m definetly doing this one with my Kinders. I teach at 3 schools with a total of 1,200 kids. This looks easy and fabulous.

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