Patty Palmer of Deep Space Sparkle shows you how easy it is to teach art history to kids

More Than Just Lesson Plans: Art Through the Ages Curriculum

Peek into the classroom of Ms. Annie Artist, a Sparkler.

Ms. Annie Artist pulls into her usual parking spot at Discovery Elementary School. As she turns off her car, she breaths a sigh of relief knowing that, though it’s another manic Monday, she already has the week planned out for the hundreds of budding artists she has the joy of teaching. And the best part about it? She didn’t have to spend her entire weekend behind her computer screen, because she is a member of the Sparklers Club.

She smiles as she grabs her to-go mug of coffee and tote bag and heads into school.

Annie loves to inspire and connect with her students. In fact, she recently took one of those fun online quizzes and it pegged her as an “Encouraging Inspirer” which is her art teaching style exactly.

Annie hums as she preps paint trays and oil pastels for her first class of the day. She double-checks the supply list on the “Poseidon Mixed Media” lesson to make sure she has everything prepped.

As the first bell of the day rings, Annie glances at the clock and uses the last 5 minutes before the students arrive to log into her Sparklers Club account on Deep Space Sparkle and pull up the Greek Mythology Slide Deck and Poseidon Mixed Media Lesson Video.

Her students have been creating projects and learning about Ancient Greece and Rome this month. According to the conversations and art-making, it appears as though the kids enjoyed the project.

Annie smiles, relieved that everything she needed to teach each lesson is available with the click of a button. She especially loves that all the lessons in the curriculum (154 of them!) include a video for her students to follow along with. It gives her time to really connect and check-in with her students while they are creating.

On her way to open the door and greet her first class, Annie passes by the timeline of art history posters that she has been referencing with her young artists. She can’t believe her all students have already completed projects from Prehistoric Art to the Classical World!

The lessons for the next eight periods look fabulous, too, and Annie is looking forward to what her students will create during the rest of the school year.

Opening the door, Annie smiles at her young artists and welcomes them into their safe, creative space.

What Type of Art Teacher Are You? Click HERE to take the quiz and find out.

More than lesson plans- Art through the ages

Ms. Annie Artist is a fictional character, but the incredible lessons and resources are found in the Art Through the Ages Curriculum.

You can enroll now for The Sparklers Club and gain access to the ATTA Curriculum. We truly can’t wait for you to become a member and get your hands on this incredible curriculum! Click below to join the Waitlist and learn more and sign up for the Sparklers Club:

Steps to become a sparkler
Join the waitlist
More than lesson plans- Art through the ages

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  • Frederica H. Johnson

    Thank you and thank you!

  • Sharyn Zirkle

    Can’t wait to try it with my kids!

  • Zoraida Navarro

    I love the way art classes are designed



  • El-Marie Ludick

    Hi there. Thank you very much for all the wonderfull resources. I use them all the time to enrich my lessons and with beautifull results. I am teaching in China at he present and are struggling to unlock new bundles. The internet use here is restricted and I cannot follow you on anny social media platform but only by accessing the website through an internet browser. I have unlocked bundles before it only seems to be since January that I cannot do it. Could you please advise and assist.
    El-Marie Ludick

  • bobby

    they look so cute the black one is the cute one

  • Whitney

    I would like to view some of these lessons and know the cost to see if this is an option to use for the fall.

    • Team Sparkle

      Hi Whitney!

      Enrollment updates with prices are delivered via email to teachers on our waitlist: https://deepspacesparkle.lpages.co/the-sparklers-club-waitlist/
      Our next enrollment will start early August 🙂 but! You can get more info once you sign-up for the waitlist updates.

      -Hannah (Team Sparkle)

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