Oil Pastel Owl Art Lesson


It’s no secret that I love owls. Kids do, too. For this owl art lesson, I gave my sixth grade students a few “owl” options: a realistic owl, a whimsical owl or an owl in flight. I demonstrated basic drawing techniques for all three and provided a few black and white illustrations that I found on the internet.

Art Supplies:

  • 12″ x 18″ white paper
  • Oil pastels
  • Blue or black watercolor wash.

After watching my demos, kids selected their choice of owl and began drawing with an oil pastel. I encouraged light strokes until the owl began to take shape and then darken the oil pastel when lines became clear they were keepers.

A watercolor wash acted as a basic resist giving the drawing a night-time feel.


Sixth Grade Owl Drawings

Oil Pastel Owl Gallery

Want more children’s owl lessons? Learn how to draw and paints owls by downloading this free PDF!

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  • Mary

    I love the variety here! At this age some kids really want to go for realism, while others prefer cartoon. Just look at the difference between the wonderful abstract multi-colored first owl and the beautifully detailed owl in the middle. Great lesson!

  • Marilena Linardatou

    The drawings are so beautiful.
    I love the colors and patterns.

  • dolunay

    burada her şey renkli eğlenceli ve öğretici..baykuşlar çok güzel olmuş…

  • Ailish

    Did you use oil pastels for the whole drawing and was it done on watercolour paper?

  • Christina Gargano

    Hi! Do you have a lesson plan for this one?


    I would love to download “How to Draw and Paint Owls” but it’s not working on either my work or personal email.

    • Bethany

      Hi Penny! I just checked all the links on our end and everything is working. Click the button to have the download emailed to you and make sure to check your spam folder in case the email went there.

      • Jas

        HI I also could not click on the button to download – it says the page cannot be found.

        • Bethany

          Hi Jas! Thanks so much for letting us know that there is an issue with the link. We are working on getting that taken care of, so please try again shortly. Thanks!

  • Jasmin

    Where can I find the other pictures of a whimsical or realistic owl for the students to look at or choose from?

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