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When Monet was young, he noticed that painters created dark and very serious art during this time. Subjects like history and religion bored him. He preferred bright colors that showed scenes from everyday life.

Monet started to paint pictures with loose and sketchy strokes. Many people thought that his work wasn’t complete, but Monet didn’t care. He continued to paint the way he saw the world.

Claude Monet was the first painter in the Impressionist movement. The word IMPRESSIONISM comes from one of Monet’s first paintings called Impression: Sunrise. Art critics labelled the painting, impressionism, in order to mock it but the term stuck. It now means painting with light.

Monet liked to paint series of the same images with the only difference being how the light fell on the subject during certain times of the day. He painted over 30 paintings of the haystacks near his home.


I love lessons that expose a pattern to an otherwise complicated painting. When you first look at Monet’s painting, The Isle Grande Jatte, 1878, it looks rather complicated and daunting to paint.

But when you layer the artwork and outline the simple lines of the background first, then add the foreground at the very end, it becomes manageable.



  • 12″ x 18″ regular white drawing paper (I use Tru-Ray)
  • Liquid tempera paints (white, green, yellow, blue, black)
  • Colored oil pastels
  • medium round brush
  • Small pointed round brush and black tempera paint


  • On a white sheet of paper, draw a simple HORIZON LINE. This operates the water from the sky.
  • Then, draw a hill line over the horizon line.
  • Add a few simple homes/barns and buildings with oil pastels.
  • With a sky color paint (Monet often used yellow tones for the sky) paint a sky.
  • Paint the hills with a muted green color.
  • Paint the water, using white, blues and greens. Keep in mind that Monet painted choppy reflections in the water. have children copy the colors of the buildings and use paint to make dappled marks in the water.
  • Use a small brush and the watered down black tempera paint to paint the trees.
  • Watch the video to see how the trees and leaves are painted.


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  • Elizabeth Mashburn

    I have just received an art teacher position and I am looking to raise the bar. As it’s really pathetic right now. I know there is talent in the 5th and 6th grades that I work with. I am looking to bring it too life and make it an enjoyable experience for all. As well as giving them the brain development that they all need. I would appreciate any ideas you have.

  • Maneet

    Hi Patty,
    I’m in the same boat as Elizabeth. Is it not possible to join the Members Club right now as it’s a long time until August.

    • Patty

      We ask interested people to put their names on a waitlist so we can let you know when enrollment opens. We just had an enrollment period a few weeks ago because the waitlist was getting so big. Next public enrollment is August 2017. We’re working right now on all new content so I can’t wait to share it with you!

  • Stephanie Hall

    please keep me informed as to how to enroll. I am a middle school art teacher in a small private school and need so much help!

  • Munira Jivanji

    This is so helpful. Thank you!

  • Rosemarie

    I thought the video was great .I didn’t see how the first part of the drawing was composed.

  • Rona Sue London

    Hi There! I tried to watch the video associated with the Paint Like Monet lesson and it continually buffered and I was not able to watch it. I was wondering if you could please help. Thanks.

  • Elaine

    I am interested in purchasing the art curriculum packs. Are they similar to this format? It seems doable for an art noob like me!

    • Patty

      Hi Elaine,
      The Art Bundles inside the Sparklers Club make teaching effortless! We only sell a few art bundles inside our DSS shop but yes, they are similar to this one. Art supply list, handouts, teaching videos, detailed instructions, etc. The other bundles are available to members inside our membership site: The Sparklers Club.

  • Victoria Stirling

    The Isle Grande Jatte, 1878, is a refreshing painting and soft and detailed look. It shows a warm and soft side to Monet. Light is what he is portraying, happiness and love of nature using the imagination of horizon. I really love it and I am very interested in creating a similar style with my own personality and characteristics to give it a feel of movement.

  • Rob Moore

    nice project…
    I may already be on your list.

  • Marlene McGuire

    I love your site. I am an artist and a public school elementary art teacher K-5.

  • Patti

    This looks like a fun lesson!
    Is the video available to all or just members?
    Nothing happens when I open it

  • david

    i like the art

  • Sarah

    My students will be busy!

  • Cori Hill

    Para educator at Yuba College in Marysville, California with the special education department and would love love love to do this with the kids during our art classes.

  • olgaguerra82

    How do I get this lesson? I became a Sparkler today!

  • Kathy Plamondon

    As always, Deep Space Sparkle is my first go-to when I’m asked to bring an art lesson to classes where I substitute. I have many of DDS lessons I have purchase, but there is always something new to peak my interest and enthusiasm. Thank you.

  • stella mitchell

    HI, are you aware of any good Art lesson plan ideas for high school students from year 7-12?

    • Teresa Miller

      I’m going to be teaching a group of 8-12 grade students this summer and I am thinking about using this lesson right here. The most come from disadvantaged situations and who have not had much or any art background. So, I think this might be a winner!

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