Paper Owl Art Project


This colorful owl is a great lesson for those times when you need a quiet art activity. Tearing and gluing small bits of paper may seem like a potentially frustrating activity for a 7 year old, but every time I do this lesson, I’m always surprised with the deliberate nature in which the children apply their “feathers”.

Drawing owl and filling background- paper art I used the same drawing ideas from my lesson Torn Paper Owls. I showed the children how to draw the body of an owl and then how to add different sets of wings. I placed many collected illustrations of owls on my white board to give the children many drawing possibilities. I stressed keeping the drawing simple because the paper feathers would cover up most details.

How to draw an owl steps- paper art

To start we used an oil pastel to draw a big owl and then used chalk pastels to create a background for the owls. The background options were created by the students: some chose a nighttime sky while others decorated their sky with flowers or clouds.

After the background was finished, the children selected 3-4 colors of papers to decorate their owl. I demonstrated the best size in which to tear their papers into and also options to make patterns with different colors or create a solid body. The children tore their papers first, creating a nice, big pile and then glued the pieces by running a line of white glue along the owl and placing the little torn piece on top of the glue.

Eyes were made using scissors and black oil pastels were used for the pupils and other details. This project only took 2, 45-minute class sessions and 2/3’s of the class finished. When I see my second graders again in the next rotation, the unfinished owls will be waiting for them in the portfolio’s.


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  • Stacie

    Gorgeous owls! I love how you have the how to draw right in this post.

  • Lora

    I love this! I’m wondering how well this will work for all my kinder to 4th grade classes, especially the kinders. Do you think this will work well for them?

    • Patty Palmer

      Do you teach all of the grades together? If so, just encourage a bigger drawing and bigger paper shapes from the younger kids. older kids can tear smaller pieces of paper and learn to stack and layer them more.

      • Lora

        I’m sorry. I should have been more specific (duh, for me). No, they are separate classes, but I do understand what you mean. What you’re saying is bigger drawing and bigger torn pieces for the little ones. I’ll give it a try, thank you!

  • ciara

    omg!! thats incredibly amazing!where do you come up with these idea’s? Owls are my favourite animal and im really apealing to it!! 🙂

  • Hope

    My daughter and I are homeschooling. For our grade three novel study we are ready Owls in the Family, by Farley Mowat. This art project goes perfectly with the theme. Thank you.

  • deb.davis

    I can’t download it….PDF I mean.

    • Bethany

      Hi Deb! This is Bethany from Team Sparkle. I just checked all the links and everything is working on our end. If you add your name and email to the box we will send you the PDF directly to your inbox. Enjoy!

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