Peter Rabbit Art Project

Peter Rabbit Watercolor Project



I love The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. I was inspired by her beautiful watercolor  illustrations to create this easy project for spring. The best part? The technique is simple and uses materials you already have on hand.

I added a bucket of radishes to my drawing but you could add a basket of decorated eggs if you choose.

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Here’s what you’ll need:

–  Transparent watercolors

–  Watercolor paper

–  Colored pencil

Watch Patty’s video tutorial, demonstrating how to teach this lesson to your classroom of students. This video has been edited from the original Facebook tutorial.

Let’s Get Started…

Step 1: Draw Peter using the steps detailed in the video and the handout provided ( scroll to the bottom to access the handout). I suggest sketching Peter with a colored pencil, instead of a regular pencil, because younger students tend to push really hard with pencils, making dark lines difficult to erase.

The fluidness of higher quality colored pencils like Prismacolors encourages students to draw with a lighter hand.

Drawing Pater's Pale

Step 2: Add decorations and foliage to the background. I added leaves, but feel free to add flowers, grass, or leave blank.  If you’re looking for inspiration, flip through Beatrix Potter’s illustrations to get your creative juices flowing.

Adding Leaves to Pater Rabbit Drawing

Step 3: Now the fun part! Use your watercolors to paint your rabbit. You want the pencil to show through the paint, so use a light hand, adding water to your brush liberally to dilute the paint.

Painting Peter Rabbit with watercolors

If part of your watercolor is too dark, blot it with a tissue paper too to remove excess paint.

Removing excess paint

Step 4: Finish painting Peter, his jacket, pail or basket and leaves.

Peter Rabbit Art Project


Click the button below to download this free handout. Type in your name and email and we’ll send it straight to you!

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  • Jill Suzanne Hatcher

    I love Beatrix Potter. Great characters and techniques for kids to learn!!

  • Gaye

    As always with your resources and techniques- excellent!!!

  • Dru

    Love Beatrix and bunnies!

  • Violet

    Awesome combo I love watercolour and Peter Rabbit

  • Anne McHugh


  • Carolyn Bloodworth

    It looks so cute! Thank you for all your great ideas!

  • monica


  • Vivian

    Thank you for this wonderful art lesson! I used this for the art classes that I teach in my home and it was a hit with the students and parents. Everyone loved this project and it was perfect for the Easter season. Thank you, Patty!

  • Margaret

    I love Beatrix as well, particularly, Peter. thank you so much for sharing!

  • mcki-b

    How can I get this Peter Rabbit handout if I’m already a member?

    • Patty

      Hi Mcki-b,
      My Peter Rabbit lesson is only available on the Deep Space Sparkle website. It’s not a lesson inside The Sparklers Club.
      If you would like to use the lesson instruction and handout for this activity, juts download directly from the website 🙂

      We do have a really sweet Rabbit lesson in the Animal Bundle. Have you seen it?

  • vickie jordan


  • Cristy

    Thank you!

  • Natalie Llanos

    Hello, Patty! I was curious as to which brand/model of watercolors are shown on the Peter Rabbit lesson? I am interested in getting some for my students.

    • Bethany

      Hi Natalie! The watercolor set in the picture looks like the Talens Watercolor Pans – Transparent set of 12. I hope that helps!

  • Abygail deBoer

    I really like this

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