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Primerry: the Final Piece in the Sparkly Vision

If you landed here, chances are you’re either an art teacher or someone who loves kid’s art. Likely both!

I’m firmly in the both category. Having spent the past 20 years devoted to the process of art-making through the capacity of a mom, classroom volunteer, art teacher, author and now business owner.

It’s been a blissful journey, filled with far more highs than one person deserves. Perhaps the success I’ve achieved as an art teacher and as a business owner could be considered lucky, but I believe that it all stems from a truly joyful experience of drawing and creating as a young girl.

Drawing meant everything to me: the solitude, the limitations of art materials, the space, and time. But perhaps the biggest gift I received was the permission to create. To draw. To get lost in colors and the mess.

My parents gave me this.

And I hope that more parents recognize that just giving permission to create, without supervision, judgement, and expectations can be one of the greatest gifts bestowed to a child.

My creative adventures lead to a career as a fashion designer, art teacher, blogger, author, membership site owner and now Primerry!

Happy Art Happy Kids | Primerr

And can I just say that I am absolutely THRILLED that Primerry is finally here.

Can I share it with you?

Here’s a little about how it evolved…

When Covid-19 happened and life got wacky, Team Sparkle dropped everything to support our membership of teachers (actually any teacher who needed help) by offering a huge packet of free art lessons and videos to help them teach remotely.
We learned that teachers had very little tech experience. But I did, so popping on live a few times to help teach a lesson seemed like a good way to help the teachers out.

But a few lessons quickly evolved to daily lessons…over 20 of them. Each requiring a host of tasks and a team of talented folks who were now remote as well, to get the videos out there.

Draw and paint Along with Patty

I realized then, during my daily solo trips to our isolated downtown Santa Barbara headquarters, that I’d do anything to teach again. I adore kids. I love what they create. I love seeing their smiles in the pictures they share but most of all, I love knowing that for 45 minutes they were creating.

Deep Space Sparkle Art Lessons for Kids

Primerry which has been percolating for three years, started to bubble to the surface.
I wondered if this was the right time to consider launching a new membership. The team was already at capacity but I knew if I breathed a word of this vision, the team would jump at the opportunity and be nothing but supportive. That’s just how we roll around here.

I continued to teach my free online classes and took note of what the kids loved, how they were creating art with their siblings and how even the youngest of kids joined the fun. It really felt like a wonderful family experience.

Within a couple of weeks, I called Emma, the maker of all things magical here at Deep Space Sparkle and shared her my goals of making completely self-contained art videos. Episodes that wouldn’t require any digital downloads to understand the project or drawing guides to print out.

I wanted kids to be able to create without worrying about downloading a drawing guide. So if you are at Grandma’s house without a printer, your child can follow along on screen.

The videos are pure JOY.

New Primerry art episodes are released every Sunday (starting May 31st) and are added to the growing library of projects that you can do anytime. The website is designed for optimal ease; just peruse the episodes, gather supplies and click the play button. Nothing to download, no link to receive…it’s all right there in the browser.

Phase Two of Primerry involves art supplies. Yup. Art Supplies! I picked my favorite art supply company to work with and together we are creating an Starter Art Kit that has the supplies you need for most of the projects.

primerry shapes and primerry colors | art membership for families

While it’s not quite ready for delivery, it will be soon.

If you signed up to be notified about Primerry or if you downloaded a Draw Along with Patty handout, you’ll receive an invitation to join our founding members enrollment on Sunday, May 31st.

Primerry Art Club for Kids brought to you by Deep Space Sparkle

We’re offering a founders members price that is available only during this one-time enrollment period. When we open up the enrollment to the public, the membership fee will increase as the episode library grows. And don’t worry, we’ll release the price on May 31st.

So my friends, I say thanks to everyone who joined in on the Draw-alongs, to all the parents who said yes to art during this crazy time and for giving permission to your child to create.

Starting on Tuesday, May 26th, we’ll be hosting a 5-day give-away leading up to the Grand Opening of Primerry on Sunday, May 31st. Join us on Instagram at Primerry Kids. Details in Tuesday’s Deep Space Sparkle newsletter!

I hope you’ll become part of our Primerry family.

  • Christy

    Sounds exciting! I am a multigrade classroom teacher and used some of you online projects during Zoom classes. Thank you! Results were amazing! Sloths, Llamas, geckos! 💗Thank you, Patty! Hoping this is affordable, especially at this time when we are being told salaries may be reduced. Thanks for all you do!

    • Team Sparkle

      Hi Christy!

      This just a friendly reminder that Primerry is not for teachers, but for busy families that want to offer art projects for their children at home.

      If you want more information on our membership for teachers you can find it here:

      The Sparklers Club is an amazing affordable membership for academically focused lesson plans and curriculums for art teachers. Everything in The Sparklers Club is educationally driven, and backed with CORE standards and the elements of art.

      I hope you check it out!

      -Hannah (Team Sparkle)

  • April

    I also your posts: you are passionate about creating, have a positive attitude, and allow room for self-expression. I bought your book and can’t wait to use more of the techniques demonstrated! I teach art K-2 and love my job! I’m brainstorming ways I can get packs of art supplies bought, and distributed to my students, if e-learning continues. I’m limited to a few supplies the students have at home.
    Thank You

  • Karen

    Looking forward to seeing what you will do!

  • Eileen

    I cannot wait for this! I am a classroom teacher and cannot wait to have a great program to assist in teaching art. So excited to test it out over the summer with my own son.

    • Team Sparkle

      Hi Eileen!

      I hope you can try this with your son, however this is not a program designed for teachers.

      If you want more information on our membership for teachers you can find it here:

      The Sparklers Club is an amazing affordable membership for academically focused lesson plans and curriculums for art and classroom teachers. Everything in The Sparklers Club is educationally driven, and backed with CORE standards and the elements of art, as well as art lessons that tie in with science, geography, and history.

      I hope you check it out!

      -Hannah (Team Sparkle)

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