The Sketchbook Project: Portrait Journalling project for kids

Sketchbook Project #5: Expressive Self-Portraits




The Sketchbook Project by Deep Space Sparkle

Continuing with week 6 of the Sketchbook Project, my sixth grade students turned their focus on themselves by drawing and coloring an expressive self-portrait. In this lesson, I reveal a few secrets that make it easier to get older kids to engage in a self portrait project.

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  • Kyoung

    Love your blog! So helpful. Thank you for all the fabulous creative inspiration!

  • Dana A.

    Hi Patty,

    Love these portraits and the sketchbook project. Thanks for sharing. Also, how do you afford to buy Prismacolor markers? Do your students respect them?

    • Patty Palmer

      Hi Dana,
      I bought them last year on sale from Blick. And yes, the students totally respected them. I don’t have an issue with students not treating the art supplies well. I’m not sure I have high standards but I showed them how to color with them and how to snap the cap on.

  • Joanne Duval

    Hi Patty,
    We have been following the sketchbook thread at home. My kids are loving using their sketchbooks. Will you be doing the line design, farm animal and the eye to eye lessons in the future or am I missing them somewhere?

    ps. I am loving your podcast. Thinking that when I am done being a stay a home mom that I might just go teach art!

    • Patty Palmer

      Hi Joanne,
      Can I just say how sorry I am that my project posts have fallen off my wagon? I got so busy with the podcasts that I let thing slip. Hopefully, I’ll get the lessons on the blog this weekend. Thanks so much for listening too the podcast! Really appreciate it!

  • Lori

    I have had my art students create self portraits on paper and then Ina digital format later in the semester. I think this project will add a new dimension to the paper project. Thanks for sharing!

    • Patty

      Love your idea!

  • stephanie councill

    Love this group of lessons! I see in the pics above a handout with facial features / hair to help students when drawing portraits. I didn’t see it in the download nor at emotions portraits link – is it available for download somewhere? thanks 🙂

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