snake art lesson for second graders spring art

Snakes in the Grass


snake art lesson for second graders spring art

Here is a cute lesson that I did a while ago with my second grade students. It’s a great lesson for achieving good cutting skills which I think by second grade is pretty crucial. The steps to draw the snake are fun and easy but creating the grass can be challenging for many second graders.

Supplies for the snake

12″ x 18″ white sulphite paper, oil pastels, tempera paint, scissors, glue, glitter (optional).

Supplies for the background 

Blue and green sulphite paper, sponge and white tempera paint.

Drawing the snake

snake art lesson for second graders spring art

I encourage you to try a directed line approach to drawing the snake or else many children will go through a number of sheets of paper before achieving a snake that has enough girth to cut out safely.

1. Starting at the top corner of your paper, draw a sideways oval. This is the snake’s head. Add a half-circle shape to both sides of the oval (eyes). An alternate way to draw the snake is to create a drawing as shown above. I find it is helpful though, to do the former.

2. Starting on one side of the oval, draw a curved line (a letter “S” is a good suggestion) all the way to the bottom of the paper.

3.  Go back up to the oval (head) and draw another line along side the curved line, matching the curves as you go. Go slowly! If you run into the other side of the snake, draw another line.

4. Now that you have the basic shape, fill in the snake with patterns.

5. Paint or color in the patterns and if you’d like, add glue and glitter to some areas.

6. Once any paint has dried, cut out the snake.

snake art lesson for second graders spring art

The Background:

1. Cut a sheet of green 12″ x 18″ paper in half and use one half to cut blades of grass. The grass can be cut as individual blades or as one.

2. Place grass onto a blue sheet of paper and glue the bottom part of the grass only. Sponge paint clouds onto blue paper.

3. Place snake onto background and weave through grass. Carefully glue down snake and grass.

What do you think?

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  • Kri

    I really like how you had the kids make the grass and sky. This would be a good lesson to do with patterns. Thanks. I love you blog!

  • Deb

    Great idea! I will use this with my measurement unit.

  • Shelly

    I love this idea. I’m going to use it for a St. Patrick’s Day project, and will tell the story of how St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland. Should be fun!

    Thanks for sharing your many great projects!

  • Sarah

    I tried this out today with my Kindergarteners for an early St. Patrick’s Day project. I used a 3 piece template for the snake and watered down acrylics on Tyvex paper. The kids traced and painted each piece and most were able to cut them out too. Tomorrow we’ll do the grass and glue everything into place. Thanks for such a cute idea. I LOVE your blog – so many creative ideas!

  • Amanda Miller

    I took your idea for this project and modified a bit for my fourth graders. We drew our snakes twisted around a tree branch. The kids loved it! Thanks for the inspiration!! I have a link to this page on my site:


    Thanks again!

  • Deb

    Great idea! I incorporated it with my math lesson on measurment. After making their snakes they needed to measure them in standard and non-standard units and record it at the bottom of their picture.

  • Maro


  • Anne Farrell

    Thanks for this lovely lesson – will come in handy for Chinese New Year lessons – Year of the Snake!!

  • ME Grande

    Wonderful idea. I plan on introducing Henri Rousseau and will create a jungle scene (detail snake).

  • Fran C.

    You are so talented, and generous with your ideas. Thank you.

  • dontaeroy

    love it


    Very nice idea!!!

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