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Star Man Chalk Drawing





Supplies for Star Man Art Project

When SpaceX launched it’s Falcon Heavy rocket, it sent Star Man and it’s Tesla on an orbit to Mars.

Actually, Star Man is in an orbit around the sun. It’ll remain in that orbit for hundreds of millions of years. Far longer than the time between dinosaurs and now.

To capture this iconic moment, kids can capture the moment when we could see Star Man at the beginning of his journey.

This is what you’ll need:

–  12″ x 18″ black sulphite paper

–  White oil pastel

–  Black oil Pastel

–  Colored chalk pastel

–  Plates or circle templates

Optional Supplies:

–  Colored or painted paper

–  Scissors & glue

Star Man Video Tutorial


Drawing Star Man

On a black sheet of paper, use a white oil pastel to draw Star Man starting with the front wheel. The wheel can be completely on the paper or children can draw it partially off the edge.

Draw the curved hood and top of the Tesla to extend off the bottom right hand corner of the paper.

Draw the window next and then a circle for the helmet. Easy shapes emerge from simplifying the drawing. Older children will want to create more details. When teaching the steps, just approach it with an understanding of drawing the basic shapes then observing the photographs to add the details.

Draw the arm and the seat back next.

Using a paper plate or a round template, draw Earth. By offering various circle sizes, children can determine how close Earth is to Star Man.

Coloring with Chalk

Coloring with chalk is a very quick way to add colors to a large sheet of paper. This project requires very little coloring as the black paper provides all the color for the deep space.

Children can choose the color for the Tesla or select a cherry red like Elon Musk.

Color Earth with a combination of blues, greens and white clouds.

After coloring with chalk, use a black oil pastel to trace over all the lines. Don’t underestimate the importance of this step!

Adding the Paper Letters

By using small squares of colored paper, children can cut out block letters to form a name or saying.

The paper squares can measure at most 3″ x 3″. From this square shape, kids can draw a block letter to fill up the square. Use scissors to cut and trim the paper away from the block letter.

Click HERE for an extra Space inspired art lesson on rockets!

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      Hi terri! No. We had a scheduling date conflict and couldn’t host the in-person conference this year. We decided to do an online conference instead. Details early next week 🙂

  • Irene Anderson

    I teach grades K to 8 in a small christian Academy

  • Marni

    I love this we still do a yearly musical about space and I wanted an outerspace art project to complement the show. I have been using your lessons for several years now.

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