Tips for Teaching Art in a Title One School: AME 069

Teaching art in a Title 1 school can be challenging. Often there is limited funding for art supplies, behavioral issues and lack of support. Although, depending on your perspective, teaching at a Title 1 school can be no different than any other school.

At least that’s how it was for me.

I taught in a Title 1 school for 6 years and loved it.

So why do some teachers thrive in challenging situations while others struggle?

In this episode of Art Made Easy, I’m answering a question that I have put aside for over a year. The question that came from a clearly frustrated teacher weighed on me until I felt I had enough perspective to answer her question.

I’ll share my best tips for how to manage the challenging logistics of teaching art in a Title 1 school.

Here are my top tips:

– Be super organized.

– Accept you might not have all the art supplies you need, so be creative.

– Learn all you can about management. This will be your ticket to success.

– Don’t underestimate the power of choosing engaging subjects for your art lessons.

– Take care of yourself.

– Join a supportive learning community.

– Practice positivity & know you are impacting children at a level you may not be aware of

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  • Anna

    This is a podcast that I really connected with. Sometimes when scrolling through or listening to deep space sparkle content it all really does seem to “sparkle” but their is a hard truth that most of us deal with and that is most days can be lack luster or down right gray. It is a powerful statement that we can bring our own perception to any situation and something I need to remind myself of daily. Thank you for a podcast that reminds of us of our reality and the power we have to be a positive influence on our students.

  • Paloma P.

    This is truly awsome, thank you!!!

  • Bernadette Quander Stith

    I’m currently teaching at a Title 1 school and this is my third year. The school population is 310 students and I must admit my administrators are extremely supportive of what our students are accomplishing in art!
    It wasn’t always that way, but with the power of persuasion and great student work framed lining the hallways leading to the principal’ office and the front office transforming a drab 56 year old school!
    Funding has been adequate due to community partnerships!
    Yes we do have some students with behavioral issues, but our goal is to teach and care for every student!
    Mmm sometimes our challenges seem monumental, but these children are an integral part of our future!
    Respect us art teachers who stand tall and proud of the work we do after all we impact all aspects of our society!!!

  • Jacel

    Thank you for share. This helps and reminder to me to find other teacher with positive mindset. Thank you for your honesty. True confessions that area struggle with taking care of self. Sometimes pour out everything and forget to refill the creative heart within my self…teach at Title 1 with 900 students. Each one of them are special and love them all.

    I was feeling guilty because we can only get the “limited” art materials. Because of the your podcast help me be free and it is okay, we are still making amazing art. I love how my students are mostly happy and excited to learn about art. Thank you again addressing this in podcast about kids interested.

    I am if you or anyone have any tips for large class size, with disturbing art materials in an efficient manner? In the past I had worked in school with much smaller class size and allowed student to get the materials themselves. However, lol, it was be a wild chaotic if 50 something student get up or time consuming to call table by table.

    I don’t know if sound lazy or not not wanting to spend all my free time after school washing palettes. Most thankful for suggestion on disturbing paint to massive amounts?

  • Adrienne

    Love your guidance!

  • Lisabeth

    Hi, Thanks for the Title I thoughts. Now in my 6th year (like you!) at a 4th urban school Title I I’ve also found that contests are also a helpful focus for my students especially the older ones. I post contest notices on a bulletin board outside the room (offer paper to those who need it) and sometimes do the project in class. I have students pick “personal work” from various worksheets at the beginning of a semester. If they’re ahead of other sin finishing they can do their “personal work” OR/AND they can work on a contest submission. Just FYI.

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