Watercolor Birds Art Video

My second-grade students completed these simple oil pastel resist birds in one 45-minute class.

It’s a pretty simple lesson… no-fuss bird drawing using oil pastel then paint with liquid watercolors. Perhaps the simplest lessons are the best?

Second Grade Watercolor Birds video

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  • Amy@Let's Explore

    My girls and I loved the video! So fun to see the kids at work – I’m thinking my own girls would enjoy being videotaped while creating something. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kathy

    What a cute motivational video. I love to see the way children blend one color into the next. I hope you are able to tell more about how you created the video. Was it easy?

    • Patty

      Hi Kathy,
      I used imovie. It’s pretty easy. The hard part for me was getting the movie to show up on my blog…which I didn’t quite figure out. I only know how to add the link. Little more learning yet!

  • NancieKay

    Great job on your video – will have to take the plunge & try one myself! I see you use the Big Kid brushes too – I just love ’em and have found they’re pretty indestructible – after 4 years only a handful of the original 48 ordered have gone to ‘paintbrush heaven’!

    • Patty

      Hi Nanciekay,
      Yes, the brushes are awesome. They really hold up well. A Deep Space Sparkle Seal of Approval!

      • Jessica White

        What company makes those Big Kid brushes? I need to order some!

        • Patty

          I’m not sure of the brand but if you check out either Saxs or Nasco online catalogues, they usually have them displayed with the other art brushes. they are the only ones with the rubber finger grips. I bought the classroom packs.

  • Sharon Bruns

    That turned out really nicely. Just love the colors that the students used for their pictures. So vibrant.

  • Jessica White

    Can you describe how to do the project? Is is crayon resist?

    • Patty

      Hi Jessica,
      The drawing is on watercolor paper and we used oil pastel and liquid watercolors.

  • Janie B

    Great job on the video! Very good artwork, too.

  • Mary

    Gorgeous birds! Love the music that went with your video.

  • Judith Westerfield

    (I’m repeating this here because I just read that you don’t check your writing blog very often)

    Because I used several of your exercises from DeepSppaceSparkle and have so enjoyed reading your blogs I am honoring you as I was honored with the MeMeTastic Blog Award. Since you are a writer I thought it might be a fun creative writing exercise for you.

    I have put links to your blogs on my Award Post. If you wish to be taken off just let me know and I will do so.

    This is the post: http://judithwesterfield.wordpress.com/2011/03/18/its-all-about-me-i-am-fantastic-memetastic-award/

    • Patty

      Thanks, Judith!

  • Julia

    Could you possibly post this video to teachertube as well? Youtube is blocked at many schools. Thanks!

    • Patty

      Hi Julia,
      I’ll check into it and if I make more video’s, I’ll consider it. Thanks for the suggestion. Never heard of Teacher Tube!

  • ailish burke

    Hi how do I view these videos? ..do i need to purchase something..have tried clicking on the various links but they keep showing me just the picture of people comments

    • Patty

      Hi Ailish,
      Click on the post then click on the colored text at the bottom of teh post. It reads Watercolor Jelly Fish. Once you click on that, you will be redirected to YouTube. It’ll play automatically. Enjoy!

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