2021 deep space sparkle yearly art calendar

Your 2021 Art Calendar

So looong 2020!
So happy to have you behind us.

So let’s ring in the new year with a clean slate! To help you plan and celebrate everything artsy, Team Sparkle has brought back our popular Art Teacher Calendar.

Designed to coordinate with The Art Teacher Digital Planner, our FREE calendar is designed to be printed out, marked on, hole-punched and used to help you craft YOUR beautiful year.

When I look back at all of the janky planner systems I used when I was a teacher (here is one of those oldies!), I can’t help be a teensy bit jealous of all the beautiful (and efficient) options you have available to you.

I designed this planner (below) to be printed out and written on…I did absolutely ZERO planning on a computer when I was an art teacher!

So when I tasked our creative team to combine a weekly planner | calendar | curriculum map | grade level project map | teacher resources into ONE planner that can be 100% customizable and would work digitally as well as a hard copy…well, let’s just say they worked a miracle.

And while it is designed to be digital – meaning you can drag, drop, cut, paste, edit, add to your hearts delight…I still wanted it to be functionally beautiful when printed into a beautiful planner.

To customize it, you need to do everything digitally. That means, you can add in special times, less days, more days, fewer time slots, as well as your special dates and requirements.

PLUS…if you’re a member of The Sparklers’ Club, you can add lesson stickers from our bundles (we update it EVERY month) so that you can plan visually. And the stickers are linked directly to the lesson in the membership.
Cool, right?

Art teacher digital planner | Deep Space Sparkle

It’s really a shame that I was never able to use this as a teacher but the next best thing is that YOU can.
And a head’s up…this planner is FREE for all Sparklers. If you don’t know what that is, or you’re curious about joining, enrollment opens on January 3rd….we’ll have LOADS of special trainings, tours and Q & A’s for anyone who is interested so jump on this waitlist. We’ll send you emails notifying you of special events.

Meanwhile, you can download our FREE 2021 Art Teacher Calendar below…

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  • Leanne hubbert

    Brilliant! Will certainly give this a go. Thank you so very much.

  • Sara Michelle Dunning

    I’m so thankful for this, and for y’all!!! Happy NEW YEAR! 🙂

  • Allison

    I can’t open the calendar after downloading. It says I need an app?

    • Bethany

      Hi Allison. If you have any trouble downloading something, please reach out to Shannon at support@deepspacesparkle.com and she will lend a hand.

  • Anusha

    I’m impressed with your art works.. want to make me better by joining with you

  • Linda

    Looking forward to seeing the calendar.

  • Africa James


  • Bina

    Hello 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know (not sure if it is just me) but the links to download anything on the website are unfortunately not working :/

    • Patty

      We believe they are ( I just tested teh art calendar and it is working ) but should you have a specific problem, can you email support@deepspacesparkle.com and we’ll help you out.

  • Umaiya Sultana


  • Charlotte

    I love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

  • Tania khan

    This page and the previous page, are both the resolve to my moments of wishing I had found the time to create one. I’m a freelance online art teacher, currently running 4 classes a week, with plans of adding more. This will be a GODSEND! Thank you 🙂

  • Bella A

    Hi! Do you have to pay to be a Sparkler? I really want to join! These are always so much fun!

    • Bethany

      Hi Bella! Yes, the Sparklers’ Club is a membership program that supports teachers who teach art to kids. We have K-6 memberships which encompass all grades. We offer a monthly plan where you pay as you go or you can pay the year upfront and get a 2-month discount. To join our waitlist and learn more about being a Sparkler click here https://deepspacesparkle.lpages.co/the-sparklers-club-waitlist/

  • Sherry

    I loved the free calendar. I can’t wait for next years.

  • Nikki


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