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As more and more schools close to accommodate public health requirements, many teachers are feeling overwhelmed at a bit at a loss for how to teach art from home.

I want to extend a complete FREE resource that Team Sparkle has put together for you. We’re calling it our Emergency Sparkle Kit and it’s created for YOU — to help you ride out the Coronavirus storm with kid-focused art videos, lesson handouts and activity packs to teach art at home.

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I have a few suggestions on the various ways we can make art happen for our kids without being in a classroom. There are so many possibilities and the one that works for you might not work for another.

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The Tech: How to Teach Online

Because my entire business is online, I’ve used a variety of desktop applications and streaming services. Below are a few of my favorite apps for teaching online and sharing your screen.

The Issue of Providing Art Supplies:

As i was thinking of the limitations that parents might have with doing art projects at home, the issue of the right paper came up over and over again.

I figured that most, if not all, homes would have crayons, markers and perhaps some coloring tool of choice (no matter what the quality) but having the right all-purpose paper might be a problem.

If you’re going to prep any art supply, let it be this: Easy Paper Sketchbook.

Make your own sketchbook for under 50 cents

I made my own sketchbook using regular 12″ x 18″ white sulphite paper in about 2 minutes. This is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure that your students have the right paper in which to create the projects.

You can find the full instructions on how to make your own Sketchbook HERE.

If this is all you do, let it be enough. Parents are pretty amazing when it comes to rounding up art supplies for all families so don’t hesitate to reach out to families in your school for assistance. You might be very surprised at how much families pull together when needed.

If every family has access to a pack of crayola markers, a black Sharpie and some oil pastels or crayons, they would be in great shape. Add some watercolor paints, and the possibilities are endless!

Children-focused videos and lessons

Our Emergency Sparkler Kit contains videos that are uploaded to a special playlist on our Deep Space Sparkle Youtube page. The videos were hand selected based on a minimal supplies requirement.

You can give your students access to this playlist and instruct them to download the handout or offer to photocopy the handouts for them.

Children can watch a video, download the handout and follow along. 

As a reminder, we have over 200 video based lessons inside our The Sparkler Club membership that you can use to teach your students at home. While students can’t have access to your membership login (that isn’t advisable!) you can share your screen as the video plays. As long as you have a good internet connection, your students can watch and create. For Tech how-to’s scroll up!

We trust you’ll find a solution that helps your students learn at home whole you have fun with this brand new experience.

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  • Traci Rene Wolfensperger

    This is the coolest! Thank you so much!

    • Tracey

      You are amazing ! Thank you 🙏🏻

      • Jan

        This is wonderful, thank you!

  • Stacy Gargalione

    Thank you, Thank you! I cant wait to teach some of this!

  • Pritika

    Team sparkle, you are amazing! Thanks for the pack and effort! Stay healthy!!

  • Puja

    It was so much required , Thankyou for reaching out. I’m teacher fm china e-learning from 3rd Feb onwards. Was running out of ideas. And my school insisted on following the regular curriculum map even for e-learning!!! It was tough to convince them that art supplies matters. I made through those starting couple weeks with limited supplies. Now I feel relaxed you backing us. Thankyouuu , although I have already submit curriculum for last trimester , will use tips n tricks , as you share.

  • Amie Savage-Mette

    Thank you! Just found out about my schools closure in NYC starting Monday. Thanks for your kind help 🙂

    • Janet Troxel


      What a fabulous job you guys always do…..Thank you!


  • Samantha

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us and helping us with ideas to provide the love of art to our students outside our classroom.

  • Aimee Wheaton

    Thank you so much!

  • Mary Saca

    Thank you!!!!!

  • Mary McManus

    I am very thankful for these resources during this challenging time. I have never really been tech savvy when it comes to education, but this might be a strong push to make that move and open up to that part of our world in education. Thank you!

    • Patty

      Yes. Youtube makes it easy to send kids a link. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel…use what is available 🙂

  • Shana

    Thank you so much! I have to start teaching online or through packets next week and came here looking for ideas and suggestions. I am unsure how many art supplies my kids will have access to. Right now I imagine buying supplies will be the last thing on parents’ minds when it comes to spending money. This will be a work in progress. My membership is worth every penny and has saved me many times. Again, thank you!

    • Patty

      Happy to help Shana! At the very least, see if you can communicate via some form of technology and read art books or just do an art response activity. Just being there for the kids will be enough.

  • Anne Murray

    You have provided a wonderful gift for art teachers everywhere that is so appreciated – thank you so much! All of the projects are amazing!

  • Karen Tierney

    You are an angel for helping us teachers during this crazy time. I appreciate this emergency kit since I have never designed an elearning plan, none the less an art elearning. Thank you for thinking ahead (for me) as I try to figure out what to do for my art lessons. Thank you and I will support your business.

  • emily

    Thanks, Patty and Team Sparkle! We are out for at least the next two weeks. You are very much appreciated!

  • Darlene

    I am a teacher and I think this is going to be super awesome!