happy flowers art lessons for kids art projects at home

Happy Flower | Georgia O’Keeffe Art Project



When I was teaching art to hundreds of children, one of my favorite ways to teach children how to use paints was to begin with kid-friendly subjects like fish, butterflies, or flowers. In fact, I have so many projects based on these subjects that it’s almost dizzying!

Once children have a base drawing, the real experimenting begins. And that’s what I’m demonstrating in this video: how to mix paints together to create colors.

Designed for children who may not have an art teacher guiding them through the steps, this project is perfect for parents hoping to create a little magic at home.

white line

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 12″ x 12″ white mixed-media or all-purpose paper

– Black crayon or oil pastel

– Circle tracer (food container tops are great!)

– Paper plate for paints

– Medium round brush

– Craft acrylic paints or liquid tempera paints (warm colors like yellow, pink, red, orange and cool colors like blue or green)

– Tissue paper in various colors

– White school glue

happy flowers art lessons for kids art projects at home

The Project

In this video, I walk kids through a very basic flower drawing that literally falls off the page. Inspired by American artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, children learn how to see a flower from an insect’s perspective.

We explore mixing paint colors together to create tints. I use craft acrylic paints in the video as that is what many children have at home. But if you have liquid tempera paints (I love Faber-Castell and Crayola Premium) then please use it. Liquid tempera is washable whereas craft acrylic paints (the kind that comes in limitless colors in small bottles from craft stores) are not.

If your child enjoys drawing and painting with me, Miss Patty, I invite you to check out Primerry, my art membership for children. Here’s a link to the website where you can try out an art episode for free.

I’d love to see what your child created. Tag @deepspacesparkle or @primerrykids on Instagram.

Print out this PDF that shows you a full list of what art supplies I love that can be found in most craft stores…


happy flowers art lessons for kids art projects at home with instructional free video

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  • crimson

    i love to do art!

  • rat6966

    thank you so much for your lessons! esp. during this hard time, our school is going virtual, probably starting next week, and who knows how long we’ll be doing that!

    Thank you from AZ!

  • Emma Dietrich

    Fun fun fun I love it very much

  • Donna

    These are so pretty 🙂

  • Anna

    I like the colors you add

  • Aavalyn

    I’m from hunduras and painting

  • GG

    Your ideas are so great! Thank you for making these available to families! We love them!

  • Louise

    Wonderful instructional video. Simple yet beautiful results. Thank you!

  • Janelle

    The flowers are beautiful.

  • Marci Powers

    This is super cute!!! I cannot wait to do this project with my kiddos.

  • Natalie McKalip

    I enjoyed watching! Thanks for sharing this flower video lesson.

  • Kelly Lum

    Love your projects, so easy to follow! Colorful, fun, & educational! Thx!

  • Afshan A.Razzak

    I liked the idea very much, kindly share more similar activities through which we can connect children with nature.

    • Bethany

      Hi! Have you thought of joining The Sparklers’ Club? We have an entire bundle dedicated to Science & Nature in The Sparklers’ Club and so much more! We are the go-to resource for art educators because we understand that teaching art isn’t just about setting out a tray of crayons and a few sheets of paper.

      We understand that teaching is about connection and being your students’ trusted guide through exciting art adventures that will shape them for life. You can join the waitlist here: https://deepspacesparkle.lpages.co/the-sparklers-club-waitlist/

  • Svetlana

    Thank you so much ! The flowers are beautiful , I love them!

  • Mary Hensel

    awesome as always!

  • Stacy Rockwood

    I am so excited for art class tomorrow! Thanks from New Brunswick, Patty!

  • Aziza

    I love your enthusiasm, I love the set designs (polka dots in the flower demo) & your ideas are great! Thanks!

  • Sandi

    Wow – This is sooo cool! Great wrap up Warm & Cool Color activity to use for my 5, 6, and 7 year olds. Thank you

  • Yolanda

    So beautiful

  • lori

    Love the art ideas. Plan to use the Georgia O’Keefe idea for Mother’s Day.

  • Patty

    Going to end my year with this.

  • Dana

    I am confused. Why can’t I find this fabulous lesson on Primerry Episodes? I guess I am still confused about all of these differing offerings you have created. Thanks for your help.

    We absolutely love our time with Miss Patty and she has become a beloved member of our family.

    • Bethany

      Hi Dana! This is Bethany from Team Sparkle. I’m so happy to hear your family enjoys following along with Miss Patty. Primerry has a Georgia O’Keeffe lesson that will be released on May 23rd! So keep your eyes out for the Primerry Parent email and you will see it soon 🌈

    • Patty

      Hi Dana! Miss Patty here….Deep Space Sparkle is Primerry’s parent company and we often offer free lessons and projects to showcase what we offer for our paid memberships. This Happy Flower project is a free project that anyone can access. It isn’t produced in the same way…we don’t offer the drawing guides on screen for instance. That’s only for for paid membership.
      It’s a great choice of lesson for parents who aren’t interested in teaching the lesson. I’m glad you love the lesson!

  • Lindsay

    Can you recommend a source for liquid tempura that does not come in the huge 16oz containers per color?

    • Patty

      Crayola is great. You can order from Blick art supplies

  • Leo

    My kid will love this!

  • Chelice

    Thank you.

  • nicole n vallejos

    This is great

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