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How I teach Directed Line Drawings

You either love ’em art hate ’em. Directed drawings can be the antithesis of your art philosophy or your biggest joy. I happen to fall a bit in between. I used directed line drawings (or guided drawings) with my younger set to get them accustomed to art room procedures, pacing and listening skills.

And while achieving these things is great for the teacher, directed drawings also provide an enormous benefits to children.

This video, podcast (below) and PDF download will help you identify when directed drawings are beneficial and when they need to be replaced with observational drawings.

Listen to Art Made Easy 025: All About Guided Drawings

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  1. Thank you . Very helpful


    March 14, 2017

  2. This was a wonderful tutorial Patty ! It validated many of my thoughts and techniques about directed drawing and also gave me a few new great pointers. My vote has always been a big yes for directed drawings and I even put part of a line or a mark on each paper to get the little ones started or they draw sooooo tiny. A small mark or line drawing prompt makes a HUGE difference for their drawings to come with correct proportion . thank you !

    Kara Sabatella

    March 15, 2017

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