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Colorful Painted Owl Art Project

I’ve been playing around with this painted owl art lesson for a while now. I created this free owl drawing guide and have been taking advantage of it. My third graders... Learn More




Paper Owl Art Project

Wow your students and start the art year off with a painted paper art project. There is simply nothing more engaging to students than experimenting with paint. So grab your... Learn More

Paper Owl Art Project

This colorful owl is a great lesson for those times when you need a quiet art activity. Tearing and gluing small bits of paper may seem like a potentially frustrating... Learn More


Snowy Owl Art Project

This just might be the most adorable owl painting ever. Inspired by 4Catslife’s owl painting I saw on Pinterest, I took no shame in trying to copy the piece as... Learn More


Cardboard Fish or Owl Project

CARDBOARD FISH PROJECT This art project was a huge success with my Kinder students. If you have some extra corrugated cardboard and a few bored kids, try creating these abstract... Learn More


Oil Pastel Owl Art Lesson

  It’s no secret that I love owls. Kids do, too. For this owl art lesson, I gave my sixth grade students a few “owl” options: a realistic owl, a... Learn More


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Ceramic Leaf Bowls

I’ve always wanted to try these leaf bowls but was never really sure how to do them. Lori over at Fun Art for Kids provided the inspiration and the know-how.... Learn More

Ceramic Turkey Bowls

I search for as many clay project ideas as I can. For some reason, I need the security of knowing that another art teacher has tried the lesson and was... Learn More

Line Drawing Art Lessons: Owls and Cats

In keeping with my theme for line drawings, I’m posting a few of my samples that I have done with my students over the years. I don’t like to show... Learn More


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