How to Draw with Oil Pastels | Tulip Drawing

If you’re wondering how to teach students how to draw and color with oil pastels, today’s video tutorial is designed to do just that. I adore tulips and used them as a subject to demonstrate how easy it is to use oil pastels. The project requires minimal supplies that delivers maximum student engagement.

Inspired by Paul Cézanne’s painting, Tulips in a Vase, this Springtime project is the perfect way to show your students the magic of blending oil pastels

Pastels are quite possibly the most important art product I use in my art room. They deliver a vibrant color with hardly any effort. Plus are great for drawing patterns over paint & paper and can be used to help children draw big.

In this project, students will learn the simple steps to drawing spring tulips in a vase or pot and use blending and shading techniques to bring their flowers to life.

Teacher Tip: If you are budget conscious, take comfort in knowing I only buy the cheapest oil pastels available and they always work well for me.

Watch a quick video tutorial here…

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– White sulphite paper

– Oil pastels

– Tulip Drawing Guide


Begin sketching your design with a light oil pastel color. I used a yellow oil pastel with the intention that if blended with another color, the tulip will remain a lovely warm cast.

Draw 4-5 tulip petals first (refer to handout) but before adding stems and leaves, draw the pot at the bottom of the paper.

how to use oil pastels art project with video tutorial

Once the leaves and stems are added, look at composition to see if there needs to be any additional tulips or leaves.

Start coloring with light colors, layering darker colors over top to add shadows. Use a white oil pastel to blend the colors together.

how to use oil pastels art project with video tutorial

Add texture by scraping away some of the top layer to expose the lighter color underneath. To do this, color with a light color over the paper. Color over the light color with a darker color. Use the back of a paint brush or wooden dowel to etch away veins or even patterns.

how to use oil pastels art project with video tutorial

Using the side of the oil pastel can help to color in the large areas.

how to use oil pastels art project with video tutorial

Use a black oil pastel to lightly outline the tulips and leaves to add contrast.

how to use oil pastels art project with video tutorial

Have you done this lesson? I’d love to hear how the instructions worked for you or if you tried a new technique with oil pastels.

I create many other detailed instructional videos within the Sparklers Membership Club where you can also get more detailed lesson plans including National Core Art Standards, Assessment Checklists, full length instruction videos and plenty other art lessons plans to choose from.

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How to draw tulips art project with free download
how to use oil pastels art project with video tutorial

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  • Beth

    fantastic! thank you!

  • Callie

    I love the videos and information you provide. I teach Special Education and this allows for my students to have the opportunity to participate in art.
    Thank you

    • Patty

      I’m so pleased the videos are helpful. That’s our go; a…to help you teach art to kids with a bit more ease. Thanks for letting us know. I’ll share with the team. They’ll be thrilled 🙂

    • Lourdes

      Thanks , I love the process step by step and the final effects . 🎉😊

  • shajad

    i think oil pastels are very colerfull and bright

  • niha

    thank you because i love the work.

  • imani

    this is good

  • Sana

    really good and my drawing came out Beautifull

  • Regina Gaudreau

    I,m very interested in learning more about this art project! Thanks.

    • Bethany

      Absolutely! Just click the “click to download” image, add your name and email and we’ll send it to you!

  • Laura

    Thank you!
    About how long would you this project take a class of grade fours?
    I am leaving this project for a sub as I am away with Covid.
    Thank you!

  • Terry Koch


    I am a retired young-at-heart former school music teacher who comes from a family background of art in many forms. Currently I volunteer in a gr 5/6 classroom and among other wonderful ways to assist the busy and excellent teacher, I lead out in a weekly art lesson. The students just completed your geometric polygonal February hearts project. I cut out their finished hearts, and mounted them on backgrounds of construction paper. I think the project turned out beautifully (thank you for the idea and your tutorial!). I know the kids enjoyed being uniquely creative with the shapes and colors they came up with. I will be displaying their hearts in the school hallway along with original Haiku poetry which I always include when showing their artworks.

  • Dave Summerfeldt

    Thank you for this resource. You have a great site.

  • Kim Hawco

    Tulip oil pastels

  • smckibbe

    I could not download or print the tulips page – I would love to do this with my students in third grade


    • Bethany

      Hi there! Everything is working on our end. If you click the download button and add your email address we will send the lesson directly to your inbox. We have found our website works best with Chrome or Safari when downloading. Also, be sure to check your Spam or Junk folders to make sure it didn’t end up there. Enjoy.

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