How to Make a Holiday Reindeer with free download packet guide to use with your students in the art room, templates and more!

How to Make a Holiday Reindeer



Gather the kids and some colorful paper, chalk pastels and a bit of glitter to create this festive reindeer.
I always said that some animals like elephants, zebras and giraffes are wonderful subjects for children to draw because no matter what they create, add a long trunk, a few stripes and a long neck, and the animal will be easily recognized.

This holiday reindeer art project is similar. Add a bright red, sparkly nose and you have Rudolph!

Watch the art tutorial video below…

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Download this handy drawing guide before you get started: (NOTE: We recommend downloading the freebie using Chrome or Safari)

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What You’ll Need:

– 12″ x 18″ white drawing/sulphite paper for Rudolph

– 12″ x 18″ colored paper for background (optional)

– 9″ x 12″ brown, grey or colored sulphite paper for antlers

– Black oil pastel or crayon

– Soft Chalk pastels (I like Sargent or Blick Brand)

– Paper Scraps (including some red) for the collar and nose

– Scissors and glue

What to do:

draw the antlers reindeer step

Start by making the antlers. Watch the video (above) to see how I fold the paper and draw the antlers. Cut the antlers and set aside.

draw the reindeer step

On the white paper placed in a vertical position, draw the reindeer. Download the drawing guide to see the steps or watch the video to see the steps in action.
Basically, I like to start on one side of the paper and draw a sideways letter U.

TEACHER TIP: I do this a lot when teaching children how to draw. If you start with what they know (a letter U) then can see how easily lines form into shapes.

The next part is the trickiest. Draw the top of the head and then the ear. Then, draw the rest of the neck (front and back).

From here, it’s easy peasy!

From the nose, draw a line that extends towards the eye, goes up and over the eye and then down the neck. This is a decorative line so children can be creative.

Draw the inside of the ear and another ear on the back of the head.

smudging chalk pastel reindeer project

Using chalk pastel, select 2-3 colors in which to color in the reindeer. I like 3 colors: two complementary colors for the reindeer and another accent color for any details.

cutting step reindeer holiday project

Cut out the reindeer and turn over to apply glue. Place on colored paper and press down.

Cut out the antlers, add some black texture lines to imply the ridges of the antlers.

adding glue to reindeer lesson

Once the reindeer is glued to the background paper, slip one of the antlers behind the head. You may need to snip off the end. Then glue the front antler.

A little Bling…

reindeer scrap paper step

Select a colored piece of scrap paper for the collar. Hold up the paper to the reindeer’s head to measure how long the collar should be. Using a crayon, mark where to cut the collar.

Snip collar so it looks like a rectangle.

reindeer project

Add decorative details with additional pieces of scrap paper or by using crayons or oil pastels.

Cut out a circle (tracing a small plastic container lid is easy for kids) and glue to Rudolph’s nose.

The final step is to trace over all the black lines again with a black oil pastel. This really makes the colors POP.

If you create this lesson in your art room, I’d love to see it!

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How to Make How to Make a Holiday Reindeer with free download packet guide to use with your students in the art room, templates and more!a Holiday Reindeer

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  • leslie.banta

    Yes, please, I’d LOVE a *glitter paper* tutorial!! 🙂

    • Shannon

      Thanks for the suggestion Leslie!

  • Ronnie

    Yes please would love the glitter paper tutorial 🙂

  • Christy Glover Pilson

    I love these packets. I sent many home during the summer as families picked up meals for their kids, and I have them available in the classroom for my early finishers this year. Thank you for your amazing ideas!!!

  • Sonja Murphrey

    The download is not working for me on this one.

    • Bethany

      Hi Sonja. Please reach out to Shannon at support@deepspacesparkle.com and she can help you figure this out! It’s a great freebie pack! If you’re a member we also have a lot of amazing Holiday lessons in the Sparklers Club.

  • Cristina

    I love this activity. I will do it with my K 1 class
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Annette

    The downloads are not working for me. thank you.

    • Bethany

      Hi Annette! Thanks for reaching out. If you are having trouble with a download please contact Shannon at support@deepspacesparkle.com and she will lend you a hand with everything.

  • Luanne

    The download isn’t working for me either. I’ve requested several downloads before and never had a problem.

    • Bethany

      If you reach out to Shannon at support@deepspacesparkle.com she will help you out! She is our Deep Space Sparkle genius who can do all things!

  • Ching-Fan Wang

    Lovely art project!

  • Rylee

    Hi there! I love these fun Christmas projects!

  • Thomas Dunbar

    you can make reindeer

  • Ramona Hall

    You are the GOAT! Thank you for all the wonderful lessons. You inspire us all!

  • Jennifer


  • Ann

    Thanks for the simpler version – I hadn’t seen that until I watched the video all the way! It’s perfect for my kinders learning the letter J – those antlers would be so cute as letters! I’m excited for them to try chalk pastels for the first time, as well.


    Thank you.

  • Brittany

    I know these are meant for grammar students, but my high schoolers love these projects on early finish days or short days. They actually put a ton of work into these and they end up amazing.

  • Robert

    Great Project
    Kids loved it

  • Marianne

    Reindeer project

  • Dianne Schuring

    I love this!

  • Dianne Schuring

    This is soo cute!

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