Meet Patty

How Deep Space Sparkle began

Back in 2009, I decided that my student’s art process was too beautiful to stay within the art room. Feeling driven to share what was happening inside my art class inspired me to create Deep Space Sparkle.

It began as a blog that shared students’ art process with parents but ended up being a portal where art teachers could ask questions and download a quick lesson plan.

Now it’s a comprehensive art resource that is used by thousands of teachers and parents all around the world.

After 10 years in business, Deep Space Sparkle has evolved from working in a small bedroom studio to an office space with a team of teachers, designers, managers and of course, my husband Neil.

One of the most exciting parts of growing a website has been the opportunities it creates to help more people connect with children through art.

In August 2018, my book Draw, Paint Sparkle was published.

It includes25 art projects that you can do in your home or classroom–even if you don’t consider yourself an artists. I help you by suggesting the supplies, offering handouts and giving you detailed steps on how to bring an art class to your kitchen table.

Draw Paint Sparkle Book Party

Growing DSS

After working in my home office for 8 years, Neil and I took the leap and committed to growing Deep Space Sparkle by renting an office space.

We signed a lease on a 1500 sq ft office in Goleta, bought a few computers and a trick load of office furniture and set up our Sparkly Headquarters.

You can see what our office looks like HERE.


We started with hiring one employee in 2017 and now we have 7 wonderful team members. Growing a business is hard work but when you have a dedicated team who believes in your mission, the road is far less bumpy.