Notre Dame Art Project

Notre Dame at Night



In light of the recent tragedy, we wanted to make the Notre Dame at Night lesson from the Sparkler’s Club available to everyone. We hope that this project will aid you in teaching your students about the Notre Dame Cathedral through art.

We are saddened by the loss of such a historical monument but are hopeful for the future and the restoration process.

Detailed instructions are in the  PDF below for you to download. 

Step 1: Create painted paper with the wet-on-wet watercolor technique.

Notre Dame Art Project

Step 2: Draw Notre Dame (drawing guide and instructions in handout)

Notre Dame Art Project

Step 3: Cut out your cathedral and paste it on a black piece of paper.

Notre Dame Art Project

Notre Dame Art Project


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  • Marlene

    Thank you.

  • Kathy McDaniel

    This is a great project to add to the Renaissance/Medieval bundle. Love it!

    • Shannon

      This lesson is in the 5/6 grade level in the Renaissance and Medieval Bundle!

  • Pat Dicker

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you!

  • Kara Sabatella

    this is so kind , thoughtful, and generous of you Patti 🙂 …. it’s a beautiful and vibrant lesson. Students will love the connection of history and art history while making art.

  • Kathleen


  • Kathleen


  • Lynnette Smith

    Thank you

  • ANNE

    Thanks so much from France! It’s a very beautiful tribute to Notre Dame. I’ll make it with my puppils.

  • Leslie

    Thanks so much, it’s beautiful!

  • Mo Moran

    Can’t wait! Thank you so much.

  • Pam

    Thank you

  • Nora

    Thank you!!!!!

  • Diana Rains

    I was just there 3 weeks ago and would love to do this with my students to help them understand how awesome it is.

  • Rae Curren

    Thank you!!

  • Laurie Zimmerman

    Patty, this warmed my heart! So very sweet of you to share this! I think it will be a great architecture drawing for the students. I was thinking to try marker print on foil or freezer paper for the color.

    • Patty

      Glad you can use it with your students!

  • Jodi


  • LaDonna

    Thank you so much!

  • Marna Ford

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • Mary Hensley

    What a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing with us. It is a great tribute to such a magnificent monument!

  • Jenny

    I would love this

  • Karen Coster

    Perfect, thanks

  • Kelly

    Thank you! I teach at a Catholic school and this will tie in beautifully to art, social studies, and religion as we mourn the loss of such a significant and beautiful house of worship.

    • douglas dillon

      i did the project with my kid, she loved it!

  • Cherie

    It’s great! Thanks so much!

  • Amy Swift

    Thanks can’t wait to try it

  • Cheryl Fishell

    Thank you

  • Danielle Hendrickson

    Thank you

  • Heather Ventrella

    Love this! I have been collecting photographs for a cathedral series. This is wonderful and thank you for your timing.

  • difell

    great project, Thanks!

  • Gustavo Larach


  • Mary

    Thank you for the beautiful lesson! What a tribute!

  • Debra J Rogers

    I was happy to see this Notre Dame of Paris lesson available, as I am doing to tribute to the magnificent structure first quarter next school year. I do, however, think I will have students do the watercolor after drawing the cathedral. I do understand that doing the painting first frees students from focusing on the structure, but I am hoping that the structure will inspire students to imagine the beautiful lights that shine on the cathedral at night.

  • Natalie

    Wonderful! Thanks so much for this lesson that includes some real history!

  • brittan jarrell

    this looks interesting!

  • Mary Glynn

    Love this

  • douglas dillon

    i did the project with my kid, she loved it!
    she loves rainbows!

  • Christi F Burton

    An AMAZING lesson that teaches so much about how simple shapes combine to create super impressive artwork. Thank You So Much!

  • Marga Pérez Lozano

    Actividad muy interesante y bonita

  • CF

    Thank You

  • Caroline

    This is so bright and beautiful! I love all the different elements of art it covers

  • paula

    Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Lori


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