Romero Britto Inspired Pumpkin



Grab your markers and a few sheets of drawing paper and get ready to create a Romero Britto inspired pumpkin. This project uses kid friendly markers like Crayola or Faber-Castell and basic white paper (either 80 lb white sulphite/drawing paper or white cardstock).

Coloring with markers can get a bit tedious unless the drawing is broken up into smaller sections–which is exactly how Britto creates his art. There is always a main subject that features interacting lines, bold details and bright colors.

About pop artist Romero Britto:

Growing up in Recife, Brazil with eight brothers and sisters, Romero Britto excelled in the classroom but art was his passion. He traveled to Europe in 1983 to study the masters and after exhibiting in a few private shows, he was encouraged to travel to the United States where POP ART was flourishing.

Britto moved to Miami and opened his studio up to the public. Britto’s big break came when Absolut Vodka selected Britto’s artwork for their Vodka campaign.

Britto is a modern day pop culture icon and the youngest and most successful POP Artist of his generation. His cubism style of art brings together bright colors and playful themes.

What You’ll Need:

– 12″ x 9″ white sulphite paper or card stock

– Black waterproof pen (Sharpie brand is great)

– Crayola or Faber-Castell markers

Drawing the Pumpkin:

In the center of the paper, use a thick black marker to draw the pumpkin (or any other subject). Keep the design simple, big and free of small, sketchy details. The key to drawing like Britto is strong lines, so once you have your main shape, go over the lines with an extra tracing of the black marker.

Use short lines to divide the shapes within the drawing into smaller shapes. Feel free to add your own flair. Add a grid to the background. Break up the grids with additional shapes or lines.

Britto Pumpkin Drawing: Halloween Art Project

Use the colored markers to color in shapes. Not all sections need a solid color. Some areas could be striped or filled with bubbles or hearts. You decide!

Britto Pumpkin Drawing: Halloween Art Project

Look at a collection of Britto’s art and study how he uses color and pattern.

Can you see how he combines colored lines over solid shapes?

How he uses geometric shapes for emphasis?

Have fun with this coloring step!

Britto Pumpkin Drawing: Halloween Art Project

Here’s a simple set of steps to follow to draw a pumpkin:

How to draw a pumpkin Britto Style

Did you know…

  • That Britto is often compared to other Pop Art painters like Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Haring?
  • Britto’s characteristic look is his balanced patterns and strong black lines
  • Britto believes in giving back to his community and lends his supports to many non-profits organizations.
  • Before going to Europe to study art he dropped out of law school.
  • How many famous artist do you know that has a Facebook Fan Page?

More Britto Inspired Projects…

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  • darcyt51

    I’m saving this awesome looking lesson until the crazy week of halloween – this should keep the excited kiddos busy! Thanks:)

  • lchorkan


  • Anvi Jain

    your art is beautiful I love your drawings. (Anvi Jain 6year old)

    • chrystal

      I bet you have great drawings too, Anvi!

  • Moira

    Thank you for sharing your plans for this fun art project and also for sharing the plans for your adorable llama! We study Peru in Grade 3 Social Studies. This is a perfect art project!
    Enjoy your travels in Peru 🙂

  • Eb

    The paints of Romero Brito are beatiful !

  • Valerie

    Want try this with my class

  • Leena

    Love this project!
    Will be trying it out today with 2nd and 3rd graders ! Thank you for amazing projects!

    • Patty

      You are so welcome! Glad you find them helpful 🙂

  • Patti

    Looking for something quick for fall and this seems perfect!
    Thank you!

  • May Santos


  • Matilda Scanlan

    I’m looking forward to using this idea. Many thanks.

  • Art


  • 0madisonb❤

    When I found this video I kept making pumpkins for my family and friends and they loved them. Prefect for Hallloween! 😀

  • Jonathan M

    It was great.

    • kayla

      This was extremely fun! My writing teacher gave this link to us and I’m doing this one right now. I just wanted you to know that this is a extremely great website for all ages to watch and do it!

    • Evan


  • Christian

    this art project was so fun to do

  • Brigitte

    Hi Patty, what age would you recommend this lesson for?

    • Patty

      Hi Brigitte! In a class setting with many kids, and if you are reinforcing patterns and marker craftmanship, the best ages are 8 and up.
      I find 3rd graders love to work for longer periods of time with coloring patterns with markers. But older kids will add many extra details.

  • Kae Hayworth

    Can I use this website for a choice board link to help explain the project?

    • Bethany

      Hi Kae, because this is a free and public project it is available for you to us or link to.

  • Carmen Ivette Atagracia Maldonado

    Excelente herramienta de trabajo, muy útil para mis chicos, soy maestra de Arte en Puerto Rico.

  • Pkxdsongs

    Can you do a newspaper one?

  • Amanda Lohrer

    Thank you

  • Sandra Ritchie

    What a wonderful activity! Thank you.

  • Faith Woods

    It does not have clear instructions.

    • Bethany

      Hi Faith! There are directions in the blog as well as images to follow, and a free handout you can download to inspire your creativity! Full lesson plans, slide decks and additional resources come with our lessons inside The Sparklers’ Club. Enjoy.

  • Kim Winfield

    I love this lesson plan. Thank you for including information about the artists in your lessons. This creates rich learning experiences for our students!

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