Draw and paint a seal and ocean: Watercolor Seal Art project for Kids. From the book Draw, Paint, Sparkle

Watercolor Seal Art Tutorial



Watch my Facebook Live Tutorial Here as I demonstrate how to teach this simple seal & seascape lesson for kids.

This past summer I took advantage of having my niece, Tori, close by. We spent a rainy afternoon at the cottage creating art from my book, Draw, Paint, Sparkle. I brought my favorite Faber-Castell connector paints and watercolor paper to the cottage and purchased a pack of oil pastels and chubby brushes from Michael’s Craft Store.

I set Tori up at the counter and placed the few supplies around her. I demonstrated how to draw the seal and a few ways she could make her seal her own. She fussed a bit at first thinking she wouldn’t be able to draw like Aunt Patty.

I realized I broke Patty Rule # 1: Don’t out perform your audience.

I stepped back and showed her some fun ways to make the seal big , small, fun or serious. She decided she wanted a serious seal.

Draw and paint a seal in its natural habitat using oil pastel, watercolor paper and watercolor paints. Watercolor Seal from Draw, paint, Sparkle Art projects for Kids

We started with the drawing…remember, I demonstrated the seal first then let her draw her own. This seemed to work best for Tori as she wasn’t having the guided or step-by-step drawing. She wanted to do it her way. Love it!

Here’s how she worked through the process…I must admit that I was a terribly proud Auntie. Her focus and enthusiasm was off the charts (which showed through when I stepped back and let her create on her own).

Watch Tori draw and paint the watercolor seal:

This lesson is featured as one of the easier lessons for the book. It’s a great starter project for kids like Tori–who are just learning how to create a project from drawing stage to finished piece of art.

It’s simple, yet rewarding.

I would recommend using liquid watercolor paints. They are truly magical for young children as they’ll be rewarded with bright, vibrant sea colors.

Here’s a PDF that contains the project from the book, including a drawing handout of the seal. Just click on the box below, enter your name and email and we’ll email you the lesson.

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  • Janet Walsh

    Love it! I’m a retired teacher.

  • Ali

    This will be perfect for our summer camp. Thank you.

    • Geetz

      this is perfect for my kids

  • Jessie

    Thank you

  • rosalie.ross

    This is perfect to do in my spare time!

  • Carol

    Love this

  • Glenda

    Looking forward to doing this with my grandchildren!!

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