Painted Paper Video


Painted paper is a must-have for every art room. Children LOVE creating painted paper and the ideas for lesson ideas are endless. Here is a mini (1 minute) video showing you the steps to make painted paper at home or in the classroom.


For a complete photo-tutorial, visit my post on How to Make Painted Paper


  1. Your videos look so professional! Very nicely done.

  2. Michelle Stoneman says:

    Not sure if it’s the cheap paint we have at our school or if the construction paper is too absorbent but we don’t get the nice opague paint cover on our paper. It looks as if the paint was soaked up by the paper. Also the paper curls up significantly making it nearly impossible to hang up. Any suggestions? Love your website!

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  5. […] Placing both blue paint hues and red paint hues on the tables, my students create one piece of painted paper […]

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