Student Milestones in Art | Kindergarten, First & Second Grade

This is the first installment of the Student Milestones in Art Series. Part II covers 3rd, 4th and 5th grade and Part III covers middle school students. As a teacher,... Learn More

Integrating STEAM and SEL into your Art Program

One of the most asked questions our team receives right about this time of year is, Can you recommend a lesson for my high-energy 3rd graders? Or, Do you have... Learn More

Teaching Art to Students with Special Needs

That’s not going to work for our kids. Those are the words a special education teacher said to me on my first day of working as an art teacher at... Learn More

How to Rock Your First Year Teaching Art: AME 129

The field of art education is often overlooked as a viable career in most school counseling offices. Many college students aren’t even aware that the profession exists. Today’s guest, Kelsi... Learn More



How to Teach FORM without a Kiln

This is the ninth tutorial in our series CONNECTING WITH THE ELEMENTS – How to teach the Elements & Principles of Art. This week we’re featuring FORM. I know what... Learn More

How to Manage Absent Students

One of the most common management dilemmas in the art room is how to deal with students who arrive in the art room after missing one or more lessons. I... Learn More

Managing Artwork with Student Portfolios

One of the most overwhelming aspects of being an art teacher is managing all the artwork. Of course, you don’t have to manage it at all; children can take their... Learn More

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