Nailing your Art Demo Podcast AME 147

Nailing Your Art Demo: AME 147



When you demonstrate a project, your goal is to communicate the process in a way that connects to the students. A demo lays out the steps, so each student can fully understand the steps and complete the lesson.

The question is how do you do that?

In this episode, I’ll go over my experiences with different tools and technology that I’ve tried for art demos (what worked and didn’t work.) Plus, classroom management tips that will really help you nail your art demo.

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– Answers to the most common questions I get about art demos

– How you can switch up your demos for different grade levels

– What you can do to command their attention during a demo

– How to teach a guided drawing to a class

– The pros and cons of using a document camera versus demonstrating on your whiteboard and teaching around a table



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Emily Gould’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sierramadres

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  • Jessica Sperman

    This is great. Is it referring to only a demo for a class you already teach? I am trying to get an art teacher job and looking for a recommendation of a good demo lesson for an interview. Thanks

    • Patty

      The strategies outlined in the podcast talk about how the various ways you can communicate the process of teaching art to kids. We have lots of free lessons on this site, so feel free to explore. Also, our Youtube channels shows videos of me teaching the lesson.

  • Carolyn Sugimoto

    This was incredibly helpful! I have been teaching for a long time, but this still challenged me to up my game. Thank you!

  • mwilliams

    I have done all the demonstration techniques you have Patty! I have been teaching art for 14 years. Last year I struggled with kids not knowing what to do, talking over-top of me, large class sizes, higher needs kids, and lack of respect. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I knew I was overwhelmed, stressed, and frustrated. I couldn’t stay excited with my pom-poms in the air all day. I was a grumpy mess by the end of the day and to be honest, I think my attitude had a negative impact on my classroom environment.

    Then…I used you video for the color wheel giraffe. My class was immediately transformed. It was like having another teacher in the room with me! I could help more kids without having to stop the lesson. The kids were glued to the screen and totally engaged. I could rewind for absent students or kids that came in late. I didn’t get frustrated with disrespectful attitudes because I wasn’t being talked over. It was a big a-ha moment for me. Since then, I (98% of the time) make or use one of your videos to demonstrate the lesson. My well being and my classroom environment has changed. I can keep those pom-poms up all day, and my classroom environment is a positive and fun room again.

    • Shannon

      Hi Mary,thank you so much for taking the time to share this! That’s wonderful the videos are working with your students. Sometimes it’s the littlest things that can change the dynamic of a classroom. Keep going!

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