Romero Britto-Inspired Heart Art Project

Romero Britto Inspired Hearts



Romero Britto is a Brazilian born artists who now lives in Miami, Florida. His modern pop culture art work is known and celebrated all over the world. Like many art teachers, I love his work and love introducing his colorful art to my students.

Romero Britto Print

The Project

Using broad tip markers like these markers from Faber-Castell and a piece of card stock, you can create an easy-to-draw Valentine’s Day Pop-Art hearts with your kids.

Here are the basic steps:

  • – Draw curved lines on bottom of paper with black marker
  • – Draw “sun” and sun’s rays (straight lines)
  • – Draw a large heart over and in-between the rays
  • – Double up the black lines so they are thick
  • – Use broad tip markers to color in areas of the artwork
  • – Light colors make a good color choice for large areas
  • – Draw patterns over white paper or colored areas

The Video

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  • Marcia Beckett

    Good timing! I was planning on doing a Britto heart lesson next week. I will show them your video 🙂 What kind of video camera do you have? Your videos are so crisp and beautiful.

    • Patty Palmer

      Believe it or not Marcia, this film was shot on my iPhone 5s!!! For years I was using a DSLR (and I still do for long range shots) but iPhones have the BEST cameras!

  • Ellen Smith

    Teaching them about zentangles would tie in nicely here too.

  • Karen H

    Hi Patty,
    I love this! I can’t wait to show this fabulous video to my two kiddos! This is a great idea and reason to make some hot chocolate,…..grab some paper, markers, and get “heart creative”. Please keep these videos coming we love them!
    Thanks for sharing this fun art drawing video!

    • Jerry Maldonado

      Great job I will show my students this for my art lesson!

  • Patty Palmer

    Love how you are totally setting the stage! Can I come over! haha

  • Stefie

    Hi Patty! This is so awesome! I love Britto and have been doing this with my students. I’m also the room parent at my son’s school and am planning on doing this for their Valentines Day party! We are going to make two – one to keep and one to donate to a local orphanage. Thanks for the awesome video – visual aids are such a great tool!

  • kim todd

    Hello My Friend!!
    Thank You for these beautiful art inspirations!! I teach first grade and a drawing class in an elementary grade school! I strongly believe art and drawing need to be within every classroom…and sad to see its not!! Please keep your work coming. I teach in themes and love to see you put more on teacher pay teacher!! Thank You for making the world more beautiful!

    • Patty Palmer

      Thank you so much for the enthusiasm and support Kim! Aren’t these hearts fun? Enjoy!

  • pattonka@gmail.com

    Love this project! If I didn’t have Faber-Castell pencils would you recommend instead? Crayons markers or liquid watercolor paints? Age group is 1st & 2nd grade. Thanks so much!

    • Patty Palmer

      Markers are best for 3rd grade and up because they can color really well with them.For little ones, I would use oil pastels. A fun alternative to this lesson is to draw the heart with a black crayon or oil pastel on paper then use watercolor paints for a resist. Have fun!

      • pattonka@gmail.com

        Thank you so much Patty! I don’t know what I would do without your fabulous art blog!!!

  • Karen

    Hi Patty – Thanks to your influence I have been creating and teaching Romero lessons for a few years now. I bought a Romero book from a seller on Amazon – and when I received it found to my delight it was a signed copy. That was when I figured out what those odd squiggles on his artwork are – pieced of his signature! Everyone else probably realized this right away – maybe I’m just slow! So now I always tell this story to my students (after I’ve let them puzzle over it for a few minutes of course). Then I have the kids jumble up the letters of their name to go in some of the spaces!
    Thanks for all the work and inspiration and being one of the leaders in art blogging!

  • Lesly

    This came just on hand I can not believe it!!! I am teaching a MTM volunteer class in first grade and I was definitely doing some Britto inspired lesson. I just couldn’t find any resources anywhere. Our local library doesn’t have any books on Romero Britto. Thanks so much for this!!!! It came just at the perfect time!!!

    • Patty Palmer

      Love how that works out! Enjoy Lesly!

  • Lesly

    Patty I have a question: in one of your podcasts you mentioned a Facebook group for art teachers. How do I join that group ? Or where do I find online support from a Comunity of art teachers ? I would really appreciate your help here to connect with others. I’m startting my journey as an art teacher for children, I’m loving it but sometimes I have questions and I don’t know exactly where to turn to.
    Thank you!!

    • Patty Palmer

      Hi lesly,
      Head over to the podcast page and you can click on the various interviews and shows. I talked about the FB group in my first episode but you can access the FB group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/448592898504941/?fref=nf
      Just click on the box at the top of the page to join.

  • Devon

    Hi Patty!
    I’m a mommy blogger and ex-art teacher and I was wondering if you have ever had any copyright issues using examples of paintings on your website? Is it okay to use an example of a work of art as long as you credit the artist?

  • Betty Lindquist

    I’m applying for an small school art teacher. Is there any way to become a member after the sign up dates? I love the free downloads and all the neat teaching tips that are supplied. Thank you for them.

  • Kelly

    I loved this lesson for my 4th graders. They really enjoyed it and took their time to create interesting pieces.

  • Elizabeth Boudreau

    A stunner! My third grade class and I loved these. We sent one home as Valentine gifts, but the clss looked so drab without them we made another set for the wall. An art project that was simple, yet looked like a million bucks. Thank You!

  • Claire Lynn

    Fab! What a great style, so effective. Can’t wait to do it with my class.

  • Sumerah Saeed

    Romero Britto Pop Art Mixed Media PDF Lesson plan & Video
    The link for this is not working, has it been removed?

  • Kathy Burns

    The link to the Pop Art isn’t working!

    I LOVE your site for my art in class lessons. I am not an art teacher but I teach art once/week in my class. These lessons provide just what I need to introduce art and artists to my students! Thank you for using your talent to enrich the lives and classrooms of others!

    • Hannah

      Hi Kathy! I checked the link to download, it seems to be in working order!

      If you’re still having trouble you can email me hannah@deepspacesparkle.com and I can send to you via email 🙂

      -Hannah (Team Sparkle)

  • anthony shelton

    excellent lesson to assist with my students who are presently home bound.

  • Alyson

    the video link does not work! =(

  • saraharohrer

    I am looking forward to doing this lesson! I cannot get the video link to work.

  • Carmen primavera


  • Julie Bell

    Love it!

  • Christine

    We are doing Britto hearts this week in class. I can’t wait to use the video. Thank you so much!

  • zoey opatchen

    I love the art project. i love all the colors. I will make it for my mom for Valentines Day.

  • Seema+Shahzad

    It is an amazing art project.

  • Shivi

    Students were able to complete with 35minutes, they loved it!

  • Kimra Pedersen

    I love everything you do!
    I just clicked on the email that said to join the club, and I somehow missed the cutoff date!
    I’m 61, and although I’ve taught for years, I’m the 1st and only art teacher at our only elementary school in our district!
    Your club looks amazing and I need a program that has great ideas and the guidance to save me from reinventing the wheel each week but hopefully allows both the students and their art teacher to be successful, enjoy their 1-2 week art lessons/projects, while seeing real improvement in the skills taught!
    My goal is to be able to teach art again next year, so I would appreciate it if you could add my name to a waitlist in case someone drops out in the near future
    Your freebies are so great; too!

    Thank you,
    Kimra Pedersen

  • Blanca Godinez

    Love it cantwait to do it with my students

  • Kathleen Wilson

    Love this! So helpful for sub plans!

  • Vanessa Hurlimann


  • Melissa

    Thank you for the tutorial! Love this idea!

  • Ja

    Great looking lesson

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