Activity Pack: Color Theory and Literature


Color Theory and Literature Art Activity Pack by DSS. Inspired by the book, The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse.

In my attempt to respond to my most frequently requested materials, I am thrilled to announce the arrival of my newest genre: Art Activity Packs! There are quite a few of you out there who want so desperately to read a book to your students (or children) and offer a simple follow-up art activity.

Notice how I said activity? In my mind, there is a distinction between an art lesson and an art activity and this is my version of the latter.  Inspired by Eric Carle’s The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse, this stunning book offers such a wonderful message to our budding artists: personal expression.

Children experience the fun of painting and coloring and cutting and pasting, and you don’t have to do much. There are simple animal templates and more detailed coloring pages for the various skill levels and activities.

Choose which activity you want to do with your students from the youngest group (PreK) to the slightly older group (up to 3rd grade). The only supplies you will need are coloring materials like markers, crayons or oil pastels and some tempera paint. I used Puck Tempera for easy prep and clean-up.

There are writing activities that reinforce reflection of the art and color mixing exercise that help identify warm and cool colors.

I have to admit that I loved creating this pack. I loved illustrating the coloring pages while imagining how I would color the animals if I were the child. I hope you enjoy my first Activity Pack as well.

The 44-page activity book includes the following:

  • 3 Art Activities for children in grades PreK-3 grade. Please note that these are activities based on templates and not fine art lessons normally seen on my blog and in my detailed art lesson plans.
  • Art Supply Links
  • Create Your Own Warm Color Activity Sheet
  • Create Your Own Cool Color Activity Sheet
  • Mix Your Own Color Activity Sheet
  • Mixing Warm Colors and Create a Name Activity Sheet
  • Mixing Cool Colors and Create a Name Activity Sheet
  • Cool Color List
  • Warm Color List
  • Color-Me Framed Art
  • Blank Frame Template
  • Personal Expression Art: Boy Template
  • Personal Expression Art: Girl Template
  • Personal Art Label
  • Detailed Animal Templates or Coloring Page (horse, crocodile, cow, rabbit, lion, elephant, fox. polar bear, donkey)
  • Simple Animal Templates for younger children to color or use as templates (horse, crocodile, cow, rabbit, lion, elephant, fox. polar bear, donkey)

The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse is my first literature pick for My DSS Activity Packs.

Here’s a peek inside the contents of my Activity Pack:

What's inside DSS's Color Theory and Literature Activity pack.

This lesson is available in the Color Theory Bundle in the Sparklers Members Club



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  • Andrea Shepherd

    I love this. I need to keep it in mind for the kiddos.

  • Christine

    LOVE this packet. It’s perfect for my “Art on a Cart” program. I need lots of activities that require minimal supplies (other teachers don’t always love art messes). I’d love more of these packets please!!!

  • jkemmady@hotmail.com

    I am part of the members club but I cannot find this lesson? Has is been released yet or will it be released in the future?

    • patty.palmer@deepspacesparkle.com

      Hi there,
      Go to the membership site and download the “What’s Coming” PDF in Resources. It will outline what has been released so far and what lessons are coming.

  • amdesign_26

    I am a member but I cannot figure out how to download this Activity Pack: Color Theory and Literature…? Please help Thank you

    • Patty

      Hi Amdesign (sorry for the email name!)
      You’re on the wrong site. Click here: https://www.deepspacesparkle.com/tmc/
      > click on BUNDLES
      > Color Theory Bundle

      email shannon@deepspacesparkle.com for any support you may need 🙂

      • Amber Midkiff

        I would like this book

  • rosettestudio

    Help what is the process to change from monthly to complete membership ?

    • Patty

      Updating form monthly to yearly its easy…just contact support@deepspacesparkle.com and they’ll help you out.

  • Cris

    Great resource!

  • Sarah Fripp

    This would be excellent to have!

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