Portrait Round-up for grades K-7

Portrait Roundup for Grades K-7

As you settle into the routine of the new school year, you might wonder what subject matter is the best to start out with? We like kicking off a new school year with a portrait or self-portrait near the beginning of the year. Drawing portraits is a great way to assess students’ drawing skills and a great way to get to know them a little better, plus they are a quintessential part of every standards list.

We’ve gathered together a list of our top five favorite portrait lessons that combine traditional portrait-making skills with fun twists that are sure to keep your students engaged. Any of these suggestions can also be used as self-portraits, if you’d like.

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Fairy Tale Royal Kinder Portraits

These Fairy Tale Royal Kinder Portraits are a fun way to get students engaged in portrait-making at a younger age. Using a crown template is a great way to get them started when their drawing skills might still be emerging.

Paper Self-Portraits

Not all portraits have to be just drawing and painting; these Paper Self-Portraits are a great, kinesthetic way to students to explore portraits, while not being too focused on drawing skills.

Van Gogh-Inspired 3/4 View Portraits

These portraits, inspired by Van Gogh are a great way to introduce a classic portrait artist, plus the ¾ view is a great way to add some complexity to a painted portrait. 

Modigliani Portraits

Chalk pastels are a great way to add a quick pop of expressive color. These stylized portraits, based on the Italian artist, Modigliani are an interesting take on a traditional portrait. 

Emotion Portraits

Emotion Portraits are a great way for older students to both draw a self-portrait, while exploring how color can help to convey emotions, which up-levels the basic portrait. 

And just for fun, a light-hearted look at the joy of teaching portraits to your youngest kindergarten students: 

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Portrait Round-up for grades K-7

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    Very timely! Thank you!

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    Love the pictures, and very helpful, THANKYOU.

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