Art projects for Inclusion Students


I’ve received a few letters asking me about projects best suited for inclusion kids. While I’m not anywhere near qualified to answer this question on a professional level, either as an art educator or inclusion specialist, I will take a stab at trying to address what I find is helpful in my art room. First of all, I’ve taught many ability ranges in my classrooms. The school where I currently … Read More →

Painted Bunny Art Lesson


Here is a very easy bunny art lesson that involves a simple line drawing, sponge painting and a few embellishments. My first graders did this lesson in one 40-minute session. Afterwards, I realized that we forgot to add bunny teeth. And wouldn’t a cotton-ball look adorable stuck on Bunny’s bottom? Maybe you all can add the forgotten details! Here’s what you’ll need: Colored piece of paper 12″ x 18″ Light … Read More →

Watercolor Jelly Fish Art Video


Here is another art video made during my last class with my fourth grade students. This is a super fast and fun lesson that involved drippy watercolors. Mistakes are encouraged and enthusiasm expected. All you’ll need is some watercolor paper, liquid watercolors (if you don’t have liquid watercolors, try food coloring. I hear it works!) and some chalk pastels. Brands don’t matter. Use whatever you have. Enjoy the video! (click … Read More →

Mexican Unit: Sombrero Art Project


My third grade classes are a creative and energetic bunch. They have a hard time sitting still. Instead of trying to reign them in, I take a different approach: offer a lesson as energetic as they are. For my Mexican Art Unit, I selected the sassy sombrero as my subject. The kids loved it and when I brought out the paints, these kids knew what to do. My art room was … Read More →



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