Teaching Art and Motherhood


I received this question yesterday and it stuck with me. Some questions I answer back right away especially if it’s an easy answer regarding art supplies or an art lesson, but life questions make me think. So here is the question: It’s a pretty universal question isn’t it? How do you excel at both motherhood and career? Just the other day I met with a friend and she was expressing how hard it … Read More →

Art-Inspired Pinterest Boards to Follow


I love taking a few moments here and there to dip into the deep pool of creativity that is available to us on Pinterest.  Occasionally, I’ll devote some time to discovering new pinners instead of staying within my feed. It’s so worth the effort! Here are a few pinners and boards that I love to follow: ARTFUL KIDS is an online store in the UK that features artsy-inspired toys and art for kids.This … Read More →

Best and Worst Art Projects for 2013-14


Creating art lessons is what I do. Developing cool techniques, inventing simple ways to teach hard art concepts and incorporating unique subjects into art is why I love teaching. It thrills me when a lesson resonates with a child and for one small moment they know they are a great artist. I am fortunate to be able to teach pretty much what I feel is best for my students. I get a feel for each … Read More →

There is only one you…


Before I devoted most of my time developing art lessons, I was a writer. I wrote everyday, playing with words and creating my fictional world. My writing teacher encouraged us to be ourselves and to try not to copy another’s writing style. That was our struggle; to believe that our voice was enough. One evening, she began our class with this quote: I was utterly moved by these words. Although … Read More →

October Art Projects & DSS News

Happy pumpkins art project

After bouncing around some ideas with an awesome PTA mom (Yes, that’s you, Kimm!), Deep Space Sparkle will be unveiling a new art curriculum for school art docents, home-school parents and PTA programs. Next Spring, the site will offer grade-level art enrichment units that will feature videos & powerpoint presentations for the kids (not the teacher), handouts and lesson tutorials all based on projects my amazing group of students have … Read More →



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